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Health Insurance

Posted by John from MN on 7/27/04 at 10:51 (156338)

My health insurance provider approved out-of-network benefits for me to see Dr. Sandell. After I sent my HMO, HealthPartners, 5 letters explaining the situation they finally approved me. When 5 of their doctors had failed to cure my PF and Dr. Sandell did it in 2 months, they could not argue the facts. Now I heard goose, which had the same HMO, got her treatments approved too. I guess they cannot argue results.

Re: Health Insurance

DavidW on 7/27/04 at 12:25 (156345)

John, what was Dr. Sandell's method for curing your PF?

Re: Health Insurance

Marty from SLC on 7/27/04 at 13:01 (156346)

how did you go about finding DR S?

I'm going to start calling those on my HMO first. Do I call chiropractors, sports physical therapist, who?

They don't have massage as an option so I don't know who might have the most knowlage in feet and TFM.


Re: Health Insurance

goose on 7/27/04 at 13:23 (156349)

Hi all,

Yep, my appeal did get approved. I like to think it is because I drew a little picture of my feet with an arrow pointing to the sore spots with a caption reading 'Ouch!'. Or, maybe not.

Guess what? I ran 2 miles today! Actually, I walked 1 mile and ran 1 mile before treatment and then ran 2 miles in the office (on the treadmill, not around the desk). I walked 4 miles on Sunday. It was hard - my legs, hips and back all hurt - but I wasn't anymore sore after than before. I did this without my orthodics since my feet do not need them, and ready for this, I get to start walking barefoot around the house. Being barefoot will make summer so much more fun.

It feels like a miracle but it's not, it is science. TFM really works. My feet do not feel perfect yet, but they are decent and can do so much more than before. I still take Alleve regularly, wear my tennis shoes and ice all the time. I would encourage all of you to try this type of treatment - it has changed my life in just a little over a month. I know not all treatments work for everyone but I can honestly say that none of the other treatments helped me at all. I am just so happy to be doing better, I had to share...

Best of luck to all of you!


Re: Health Insurance

Marty from SLC on 7/27/04 at 15:01 (156354)

That is great!!! Please keep us up to date on your progress. When your 100% that will be a happy day.

Re: Health Insurance

John from MN on 7/27/04 at 15:29 (156356)

Transverse friction massage. Its the process of breaking up the scar tissue in your fascia and realigning it to a normal position. PF is really a case of scared up fascia. Thats why night splints, casts, injections do not help much.

Re: Goose

John from MN on 7/27/04 at 16:20 (156358)

Wow, what a weird feeling, Dr. Sandell told me today to take my orthotics out and use them only when I run. I have worn inserts for the past 5 years and it feels a lot different without them.

Sounds like you are making great progess. Enjoy the sand in your feet the next time you go to the beach.

Re: Goose

Pauline on 7/27/04 at 16:29 (156360)

Do your arches feel weak? I can only imagine the freedom they must feel.
I tried orthotics and they hurt my feet every minute they were in my shoes.
I switched to taping and I heard my arches cry out THANK YOU.

Re: Goose

John from MN on 7/27/04 at 17:07 (156361)

Yes they do feel week. Several years ago I would not only tape my feet, but I would tape my othotic to my feet because they hurt so bad.

Re: To John from MN

Pauline on 7/28/04 at 08:43 (156377)

Did Dr. Sandell recommend you to exercise them for strength or anything?
HOw will you get these muscles back to their original strength.

Re: To John from MN

John from MN on 7/28/04 at 12:27 (156387)

Yes, everybody has those own unique areas that need to be rehabed. I do toe raises, standing on one leg and stretches.