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I saw an accupuncturist for my PF

Posted by lauriel on 7/27/04 at 14:50 (156352)

I went to an accupuncturist last night to help with my pf pain. He used some sort of electronic device that has a probe and puts current thru the affected area, instead of needles, he says he does not like to use needles on the feet. he did put a few in the back of my calfs, while he did teh electrical thing. He said he has good luck with this for people that have pf due to being on feet too long, bad shoes, etc. he said for people like myself where it is the foot mechanics, like myself with overpornate flexible flatfoot, it is harder to treat. I have another apt in 2 weeks since he is so busy. My feet are sore today as well as theback of my calfs. so time will tell. on a side note, I have had horrible sinus problems for over a month and he worked on my sinuses wiht the elctric thing and I can breathe for once, so hopfully that is a good sign!

will post again on my progress


Re: I saw an accupuncturist for my PF

Kara on 8/02/04 at 12:14 (156759)

Looking forward to hearing your progress. I have considered acupuncture, but after struggling with so many treatments over 5 years, don't think I can handle more disappointment.

Re: I saw an accupuncturist for my PF

john h on 8/02/04 at 12:20 (156760)

I tried it Kara for about 2 weeks. It did not work but if I had not tried it I would always wondered. Medically speaking accupuncture can reduce pain but it is questionable if it can cure the problem. With that in mind do not set yourself up for disappointment with expectations of a cure but hopefully a reduction in pain.