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Big Toe pain

Posted by tamlarue on 7/27/04 at 20:49 (156366)

Hi, the big toe on my right foot throbs most of the time. I can pull on it and crack it and then it will stop for a little while, but then if I walk around, it starts again. So I have to go thru the steps of cracking it again to get it to stop. And God forbid me to wear closed toed shoes. It's like the toe is starting to curl upward and rubs the top on the inside of the shoe, plus it makes the toe throbbing worsen. What to do?

Re: Big Toe pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/28/04 at 12:39 (156389)

It may be a condition known as hallux rigidus or hallux limitus in which a restriction of motion occurs at the big toe joint. See a professional as x-rays are important in determining if that is occurring and how the cartilage may be being affected.