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Treatment of plantar fasciitis

Posted by Nora M on 7/28/04 at 13:04 (156393)

hi. i am a runner and have been for 7 or 8 years. for 6 of those years i struggled with plantar fasciitis. i am relatively young ot be struggling with feet problems (21 years old). i have seen several doctors, physical therapists and done almost all of the treatment besides injections or surgery. i am reluctant to have surgery at this point. I want to be able to still compete competativly. this summer i have been in training for fall cross country yet my feet have been giving me a significant amount of pain again. i read somewhere that wearing a walking cast might help. i have tried night splints already and i find myself removing them in my sleep. i thought that if this is true that this may be a good solution. let me know if this would help or if it is time for me to look into injections or surgery.

Re: Treatment of plantar fasciitis

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/28/04 at 14:17 (156398)


Surgery is a last resort and it is not clear to me that you have done all that is needed to cure your PF. The first step is to read Scott's Heel Pain Book on this site and compare that to the treatment you have had.


Re: Treatment of plantar fasciitis

Nora M on 7/29/04 at 08:30 (156433)


do you think that a walking cast would be a good idea for a few weeks?? i have read about it on several sites and I am trying to see if that would be a good idea. thanks!

Re: Treatment of plantar fasciitis

Pauline on 7/29/04 at 10:56 (156440)

I'm not a doctor, but as a former P.F. sufferer have tried both night splints and casts. I can tell you from personal experience if you didn't like night splints which YOU can remove you will hate wearing a cast especially in the summer.

If you opt for a cast it stays on about 6 weeks and it's no fun. Will it work. Some people post that they have secured some relief by using it others like myself reported more pain and the getting P.F. in the other foot if not already there because of the added strain, as well as, ankle stiffness.

Personally if I were you I'd reread Scott's heelspur book. If you haven't added many of the other conservative treatments to your daily routine such as massage, contrast baths, regular icing and Julie's Yoga stretches start doing it.

Use taping on a daily basis even if you use orthotics and if your orthotics are hurting try going without them and only use taping.

Keep working with the night splints if you have first step pain in the morning. If not skip the night splints. I used mine enough throught 3 cases of P.F. to wear out a pair, I slept in two, and purchased a new pair. You get used to them after a while. I found using two better than one because I'd always hit myself in the ankle when I turned over.

I don't know how long you've had P.F. Each of my cases took about 3 years to go away. I've heard the average case takes about 8 months to clear completely, but I'm not certain anyone really knows for certain.

Since we've now heard about Dr. Sandell's massage techniques you might try to find someone that can provide this treatment to you. We've had at least three I think get success with it and post about their treatment.

You could also try ESWT, but to be honest I've kind of cooled on that because of the money involved and what I see as poor results. Others may differ.

I'd definately tell you to really think hard before trying surgery. Reading the surgical board may give you some food for thought. Many are left in more pain than before.

Wishing you the best of luck and patience. It really takes a lot of time to beat P.F.

My Medical Disclaimer:
I am not a doctor and the above post is my personal opinion. Anyone experiencing foot pain should seek medical help by seeking a doctor. Any treatment mentioned in my post should be discussed with your personal doctor.

Re: Treatment of plantar fasciitis

Pauline on 7/29/04 at 11:02 (156445)

Before anyone points out the fact that I called Scott's book by the wrong name let me correct myself. It's Scott's heel pain book and it's available to read for free on this site.

Scott, by the way, is the owner of this site and author of the book that provides a wealth of information on Plantar Fasciitis.

Re: Treatment of plantar fasciitis

Nora M on 7/29/04 at 12:44 (156451)

Thanks for all the tips. I have struggled with this for about 5 or 6 years. Today i went to the doctor and had an injection which for today makes the pain seem worse but i am hoping in the next few days it will help with the tenderness and swelling. have you ever tried removable casts rather than permenant ones?? also, what type of night splint did you use? i was using the sock type splint and i am wondering if another one would be better. let me know. thanks again!

Re: Treatment of plantar fasciitis

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/29/04 at 20:43 (156481)

A cast can provide relief if the plantar fascia is acutely inflamed. If, on the other hand, you have been battling this for a while, consider ESWT and have your orthotics checked to make sure that they are as effective as possible.