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Posted by Karen B on 7/28/04 at 18:13 (156405)

I have had burning mainly on the balls of my feet and the toes of both
feet. Is it possible to have Tarsal Tunnel in both feet? I am taking
Neurontin and Elavil at nite and still have symptoms. Have quit walking
for exercise, cannot shop and will have difficulty teaching this fall but
plan to go back. Had TTS surgery June 3, 2004. How long does recovery
take? The dr. led me to believe it would be almost instantly; didn't
happen, though. ALso, I cannot wear a full athletic shoe, must wear
like a clog athletic shoe. Would I be able to get orthodics in this
case? I need someone to give me some hope.

Thank you for any help or encouragement.


Terri on 7/28/04 at 19:06 (156410)

Karen, recovery from TTS surgery is a long, slow process. You're almost 8 weeks post-op now and you'll find things changing almost daily, at least I did. Heck, still do and I had surgery Jan. 2, 2004. And yes, a lot of us have TTS in both feet.

You can still exercise, just nothing that is hard on your feet. As far as shopping goes, they have wheelchairs and electric scooters available at most stores you can use. Don't be embarrassed to use them, it's more embarrassing to have to leave the store without finishing your shopping and barely able to walk out to the car. Or to have to sit on the displays in the store (I once sat on a beer display. Talk about some weird looks!)

As you continue to heal, you'll find what shoes suit you best. I found some dressy orthopedic shoes that my orthotics fit into just great that allow me to look more business-like in the office. Outside of the office, I wear a good tennis shoe and found a pair of Finn sandals that feel like they have an orthotic built right in, very comfortable. The only thing I can't do is go barefoot. No matter what type of shoe I wear, I can only stay on my feet maybe 1/2 hour at a time since I quit taking my Neurontin.

Discuss orthotics with your dr to see if he thinks that may help. Many of us can't wear ours at all or go through several types until we find what works best.

Good luck to you!