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Update on first visit for TFM

Posted by Marty in SLC on 7/28/04 at 22:16 (156421)

He did do some TFM to see how much scaring I have and then did a complete analysis. He seemed pretty concern with the foot the had surgery for PF and TTS. He did say the my nerve response in that foot was a whole lot better then the other. This tells me that either the TTS surgery helped or that the other foot is getting worse.

Anyway i got back tomorrow after for my first full treatment. He said he is going to call Dr sandel to compare notes and to see if he can enlighten him. He did tell me it's going to be pretty painful. Oh he also told me that my foot bones in the surgery foot are out of alignment and that we was going to fix all that stuff and then do the TFM tomorrow.

Well I'm going to give it a go with him for a few visits. I should see some improvement within 6 visits I would think.


Re: Update on first visit for TFM

Dorothy on 7/29/04 at 00:45 (156422)

Marty -
I am so hopeful for you and really admire your courage to try this, even knowing that there will be some pain involved. I think it is very encouraging that your doctor is going to consult with Dr. Sandell. So, keeping fingers crossed for you and good thoughts going your way!

Re: Update on first visit for TFM

Marty from SLC on 7/29/04 at 07:57 (156432)

thanks dorothy.... i don't think he really kows his stuff say like Dr sandell states he does.

Re: Update on first visit for TFM

john h on 7/29/04 at 11:13 (156447)

Marty: How does he propose to fix all the foot bones that are out of alingment? I would be concerned if someone tells me they are going to realign my foot bones in some manner. I had a chelilectomy on my left great toe to clean out the joint of spurs and remove a wedge of bone to allow the toe to dorsiflex. This did straighten up my great toe and cured the problem and is an accepted medical procedure. I question whether you can realign toe bones through manipulation other than setting a bone like a finger that has popped out of joint.. Most toe realgnments I read about which are done by Podiatrist and Orthopedic surgeons are done through surgery. I have three friends who have had major surgery on their feet to correct toe realingment problems associated with some other disease process. I am interested to hear what bones are being realigned and just how this is done. I have been told I am to negative but I think I ask some questions that I would personally ask a Doctor and have the experience of having had foot surgery. I wish you luck and some good answers that meet with your satisfaction..