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Still Searching....TFM

Posted by Pete on 7/29/04 at 11:19 (156448)

To all you people living close to Dr Sandell.............you're exceptionally lucky. Living in the UK I've ploughed through the local phone books and of course the internet to try to find a good TFM practitioner here. Of Course they all say they can do it over the phone. Anyway got a recommendation from a local athletics club about a guy who also has a website which talks along similar lines to Dr S's posts. Sounded just the thing. Saw him Saturday and wish I hadn't. He maybe able to talk the talk on his site but his treatment left something to be desired. Massage was hit and miss to say the least, but what really put me off was his lack of assessment of my biomechanics before he started. I maybe be premature in critising him after one treatment but don't think I'll go back.

Still think visiting Dr D in MN for a few weeks might be an easier option, albeit expensive option !!!

Re: Still Searching....TFM

Place on 7/29/04 at 16:21 (156467)

I know I live a lot closer than you do, but I thought of it like this: I could spend the same amount of time and money trying to find a similar practitioner or just bit the bullet and travel to MN. It has been worth every penny (pence). If your going to do it I would come during the summer, it's really nice!

Good luck!

Re: Still Searching....TFM

Julie on 7/30/04 at 01:02 (156499)


I agree with Place. And as an American living in London (though now with dual nationality) I know how easy it is to fly between the two countries. Investigate Delta Airlines, which has direct flights to many US cities - if their direct destination airports don't include Minneapolis, you might have to go via Atlanta, their main hub. Look into inexpensive accommodation (youth hostels?) - perhaps Dr Sandell and his staff could be of help in finding somewhere to stay. And you'll find that basic living costs are lower there than here.

You've been struggling with this for a long time, and with trying to find a solution. If you really feel that Dr Sandell's treatment could help you, I'd go for it. The worst that can happen is that he'll examine you and decide he can't help, in which case all you've invested is the cost of the flight and a few days.

Re: Place

Pete on 7/30/04 at 04:56 (156503)

How far did you travel, where did you stay. How many treatments from Dr S, how many per week. What approx % improvemnt have you had. How long have you had pf ???

Apologies for all the questions.


Re: Place

Place on 7/30/04 at 09:05 (156514)

No worries. I am a teacher in Ohio, so traveling was not to difficult. I am currently in MN (leaving this morining for Ohio) in my second trip here. Each trip is two weeks. I am staying at Extended Stay (12970 63rd Ave. North, Maple Grove, Mn, 55369. Ph# 763-694-9747). I think it is $42.00 USD + tax, a night. It has a mini kitchen which is great for keeping my ice packs nice a cold! it is a 10 minute drive to Dr. S office, but I think there is a hotel right across the street from his office, so you might not have to rent a car. I got results after 1 week of treatment, so 3-4 sessions. I went three times a week. I have had a total of 11 sessions and now walk an hour and a half (then go shopping for another hour after that). I also ran two miles on Wed. Prior to my sessions, I had PF for 2 years. I could not go grocery shopping more than 35-40 minutes on a great day. Most of the time, my pain would slowly start around 10-11 in the morning and last until I got off my feet.

Re: Place

Pete on 7/30/04 at 11:09 (156543)

Place, thanks for your time and info on this. Very informative. How often do you think you'll need to go back to MN ?


Re: Place

Place on 7/31/04 at 10:38 (156656)

I could stop my treatment now and be perfectly happy and be able to do all of my daily activities without pain. I just really enjoy sports, of all kinds. I think I am going to return for one another two weeks.