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Dr. Sandell

Posted by Dr. L on 7/29/04 at 17:01 (156472)

I had the pleasure of Graduating with Dr. Sandell. He is not only a great practioner but a great friend. I have been monitoring the message board for the last few weeks, and finally decided to 'get my two cents in'. First I would like to address the question of his experience a few of you repeditively bring up. Josh was far and away at the top of our class, not only in academics but natural abiliity as well. I say this with a small amount of envy, because he is that good and I had to work very hard to keep up with him. I personally watched him surpass many of our instructors in knowledge and physical ability. He did this simply by working harder then the rest of us. I am sure there are other practitioners out there who may help many of you and I sincerly hope that you find them. If you can not I hope that you look Dr. Sandell up, I believe that he may be able to help you with your problems. Take this however you want, if I was in need he would be the one to see.


Tye K. LeDuc D.C.

Re: Dr. Sandell

Dr. Z on 7/29/04 at 22:06 (156488)


Do you know if Dr Sandell allows physicians to visit and observe his technique.? Have you had the opportunity to visit and pick up his pearls of pf treatment?

Re: Dr. Sandell

Dr. L on 7/29/04 at 23:46 (156497)


I am sure that Josh would be happy to meet with you. He has always been very approachable. He and I trained together and learned many similar techniques. I continue to use him as a valuable resource. He is always on the lookout to further his own knowledge and I'm sure he will want to pick your brain as well.

Re: Dr. Sandell

Mike M on 7/30/04 at 05:05 (156504)

Now I do get cynical when 'old friends' of Dr S claim what a great person and practitoner he is ? Perhaps his mother can also come on here and say what a 'loving son' he is too !!

Re: Dr. Sandell

Place on 7/30/04 at 08:08 (156509)

How funny! I am with you on that, but he really is talented and I can not believe how great I feel.

Re: Dr. Sandell

goose on 7/30/04 at 09:08 (156515)

Hi guys,

Normally I hate to get involved in these type of debates but...

I'm sure we all realize that Dr. Sandell is not the only person who is skilled at TFM- it's not like he invented it or anything. I wish we knew how to find other skilled docs but I think we have a good team of people trying to locate them.

From my experience, the thing that sets Dr. Sandell apart from the crowd is the amount of time with each patient. He is big on education so he takes the time to explain why and how this treatment works. He also looks at the big picture (biomechanics, goals, lifestyle). Finally, does the treatment right including doing things like adjusting his schedule so patients can get appointments and developing individualized rehab plans. He knows about life with chronic pain because he had bad knee injury in college football which limits his activities and lifestyle to this day. He told me that helping all his patients get their lives back helps him cope with his injury. All of those factors make him really a great doctor for helping people with chronic pain. Anyone who is really motivated to educate themselves and willing to spend the time with each patient could have the success he does. That's the only real secret. Other than that, he is just a regular guy who happened to get mentioned on a big website and is now in the middle of another feisty discussion.

Anyway, I truly hope other docs like him can be located because it is just not realistic for all the PF people to pay to travel across the country/world for weeks at a time for treatment, unless they want to. You may debate whether anyone's posts here are legit but I know that I am real person who struggled with PF for 15 long months and am now doing much better. I ran 2 miles last night almost entirely pain-free! I think the positive experiences with Dr. Sandell has given most people here the inspiration to find a way to get better. It is also normal to be skeptical but not so much so that you ignore a possible cure for your pain. In most cases, PF does not have to be permanent. No one cares if you see Dr. Sandell or someone else - we just want to share our experience with something that really works on chronic PF.


Re: Dr. Sandell

Elyse B on 7/30/04 at 10:42 (156532)

Well put Goose, and continued good health and recovery to you.

Re: Dr. Sandell

Dorothy on 7/30/04 at 10:55 (156536)

Excellent post. Perfectly said.

Re: Dr. Sandell

Marty from SLC on 7/30/04 at 13:48 (156570)

Excelent post