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Just had ESWT done Monday

Posted by Sharon on 7/29/04 at 18:43 (156476)

Have not had alot of pain yet, what did they tell you to do after surgery & how long to be careful???

Re: Just had ESWT done Monday

Tina H on 7/29/04 at 19:22 (156477)

Hi, I had ESWT done last week. My podiatrist, who supposedly trains other Doctors in a 5 state area on how to use the dornier machine(for what it's worth), just told me no ice or anti-inflammatories, however reading through the messages on this site it seems that some doctors use heat. So I called my doctor to see if I was missing something and she said heat could be used if it helps to lesson the pain but it's not necessary. This web site has a lot of very useful info. Wish I had discovered it sooner. Page through the old messages, you might find something else that will help you. Tina

Re: Just had ESWT done Monday

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/31/04 at 21:52 (156685)

Heat generally would not provide relief since the 'injury' induced by ESWT is acute. Some may postulate that heat could increase the beneficial inflammatory effect. The goal is not to suppress the inflammmation caused by the ESWT treatment for a period of time; 6 to 12 weeks depending on whom you talk to.

Re: Just had ESWT done Monday

Tina H on 8/02/04 at 07:23 (156747)

Dr. Ed- Thank you for clarifying that info. Yes I found out that heat did not do anything for the pain except make it worse, now I understand! Thank-you! Tina