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Heel pain

Posted by Nicole H on 7/30/04 at 09:22 (156520)

I'am a single other of 2 active kids. I work full time and on my feet all day. The worst time I have the pain is in the morning when I first wake up. Is there anything I can do to help this pain until I can get to a doctor which is in 4 day's? I cant seem to do much and walking is even worse. Thank you,Nicole

Re: Heel pain

Pauline on 7/30/04 at 10:08 (156527)

I'm not a doctor but the best thing that I think you can do for yourself prior to seeing your doctor is to read Scott's heel pain book that is on this site. Scott is the web master and wrote the book. It contains a wealth of information and will help you to formulate questions to ask your doctor.

Make certain you write your questions down and don't leave your appointment until you have your questions answered and a plan of action for treatment.

If indeed you have Plantar Fasciitis, need to work on your feet and have two active children your going to be in pain for a while. There is no magic bullet to cure P.F. It really takes time and rest. You may have to call on others to help you with the kids and ask your employer for a position to get you off your feet.

You'll know more after a complete evualation by your doctor. It's possible he may be able to help you get a temporary seated postion at work so ask him about that and call the relative or friends in to help with the kids.

Wishing you the fastest healing possible and update us after your doctors visit.