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Thanks for these boards

Posted by Cyndi on 7/30/04 at 10:43 (156533)

I have been viewing here ever since I started having feet pain, I say feet, because both feet are involved, since February and I have had to stop working as I stood all day as a cashier. All of you have helped to answer alot of my questions with your posts. Also just knowing what I have, others also have. It is so wierd how all of a suddden I am a cripple
standing for short perids and worse as time goes on as I was perfectly fine last year.
I have had many of the treatments you mention:
Rest, Ice, X-rays, Tens Device, Nerve Test,Custom Orthodics made and refitted,925 New Balence Shoes, Cryo-surgery,MRI, and a Bone Scan is scheduled.
My feet are atypical for sure, I believe as I have no Heel Pain or morning pain!
I appreciate all who post here as this is all so new to me.
It is hard to know some of you have been suffering for years!
Thanks for your input!
Cyndi ;-)

Re: Thanks for these boards

DavidW on 7/30/04 at 14:22 (156575)

Cyndi, I agree with you. I have visited this site for several months now and hope that all the advice I have found in Scott's book is helping me. I have ad pain like yours (no AM, no heel, no touch, just can't stand or walk) for 2+ years now and have stopped seeking professional help. For the past four months I have been stretching, wearing powersteps, icing and taping daily (as per the book). I have began recently to feel improvements in the pain. I think that persistence is the key, I hope. I hate to get my hopes up though.

Keep us informed as to your progress.

Re: Thanks for these boards

john h on 7/30/04 at 14:29 (156576)

David keep up the good work I think your approach in the long run is the way to success. We used to have a noted poster DavidW who I think was a big wheel at Healthtronics or maybe Bayshore.I still want to try the Sonoccur low level ESWT. Ed, jump into your vehicle and come on down to Arkanas. We have a center in Memphis which is only about 120 miles. Low level treatment is one I have not tried. Never know where lighting might strike.

Re: Thanks for these boards

Marty from SLC on 7/30/04 at 14:42 (156577)

Great for you David !!!!

I think persistent is a big part and it can take up to years to show improvement for some. To tell myself don't go to Home depot and walk around on the cement for an hour is really hard sometimes. It can pay off if we are on the right track and it sounds like you are. Don't over due it to soon.

keep us posted

Re: Thanks for these boards

Janice N on 7/31/04 at 08:58 (156641)

Now that is an idea. The docs could just drive around with an ESWT machine and treat all our feet. Now I don't guess we could convice them that is would be a working vacation and see all parts of the US? No they are way too smart for that. But should you want to come don't come to Houston in the summer months. You could do an ESWT party because there are several of us who live here.

Rules for the ESWT party at my apt.

Wash feet before you come over.
No cutting in line.
Bring your own bullets to bite on in case the
injections doesn't block the pain.
No kicking or hitting me if it still hurts.
Bring a massage therapist so while one person is getting ESWT we can each get a nice relaxing massage.
If you want to drink it is BYOB.