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First vacation in 5 years -- thanks to you all

Posted by Buck T. on 7/30/04 at 15:44 (156592)

This should maybe go in social board. I've had pf for five years and family has gone on five vactions without me because of my condition.
I always stayed behind to feed the pets and to take care of the home fires. I would talk to everyone on phone and attempt to really sound upbeat when I was not.
But thanks to information here, I've just returned from two weeks in Canda and I did pretty good. I've received help from many, including Dr. Z, Dr. Ed, Julie, Richard, John H. and others who answered my questions. Thanks everybody. Sincerely, Buck

Re: First vacation in 5 years -- thanks to you all

Marty from SLC on 7/30/04 at 16:21 (156598)

Oh how wonderful !!!!!! Way to go Buck !

Thanks for giving us all encouragement.

Re: First vacation in 5 years -- thanks to you all

john h on 7/30/04 at 22:26 (156624)

Buck two weeks in Canada must have been great. I always wanted to do some fishing there. I find it interesting how individually we handle our medical problems. I think men (just guessing) tend to keep their medical problems to themselves. I do and always have. I rarely let anyone know I am in in pain and in no way want pitty. The people on this board know more about my pain than any close friend and probably better understand what it can do to one than even my family. Because most of you have been there. My wife tends to let the world know when she is in pain or ill. Maybe it helps her cope better and is a more healthy approach. As little boys we sort of learned never let them see you cry and we bring that into adulthood with us. Statistically women go to Doctors almost twice as much as men and perhaps this is why they live 7-8 years longer. Were you able to forget your PF at all during those two weeks? Tonight I have been reading some of Dr. Weil's books and some of his thoughts on Dr. Sarno. Massage was even discussed. Some of you will be supprised at what Dr. Sarno has to say about massage and pain. Do you want to know? I know we have some people who swear Dr. Sarno cured their PF pain and I do not doubt them but I think their caveat was 'it worked for me'. I still have my recent CD's I just purchased of Dr. Sarno's lectures and I need to start them soon. Apparently his method has and does work for some people for many types of pain and illness. There is probably not one of us here who have not become physically ill from pressures of life in one form or another. Before a combat mission I could not sleep and on occasion my stomach might hurt but I sure knew why and once the mission got going I forgot all about my stomach. I saw classmates get physicaly ill during finals in college so there is a clear mind body connection that is more recognized in the Eastern culture than ours. I would guess the origins of TFM as with many massage techniques comes from somewhere in the East perhaps China or Japan.

Re: First vacation in 5 years -- thanks to you all

Julie on 7/31/04 at 02:56 (156634)

Buck, that's wonderful, and I'm happy for you!

Here's to many more vacations with your family - and no foot pain.

Re: First vacation in 5 years -- thanks to you all

Buck T. on 8/03/04 at 21:12 (156875)

Thanks for comeback, John: Been way behind and this is first chance to quickly respond. I wasn't completely free of pain on trip. But I discovered that just doing something with pain was better than being at home in pain and doing nothing. But let me quickly say, I couldn't have gone on the trip with the pain I used to have. I learned concrete things here that helped deminish the pain. I've also stolen concepts from the 12 step program. I only take one day at a time, and I set goals for that day. I get up and I go. I used to wait and see how I felt, and then plan the day. Now I plan the day first and if I have pain, I then back off.
Also, maybe you'll recall the old movie 'God is my copilot.' The pf is too big for me to handle alone. I ask God to be my partner, and when I am at a critical point I say, 'I can't do any more -- you'll have to take over.' Somehow, doors open. I'm a veteran also and I used this overseas.
I consider myself as a recovering pf-er, and this helps. I'm a lot better, but I'm not perfect. Take care buddy, Buck

Re: First vacation in 5 years -- thanks to you all

Buck T. on 8/03/04 at 21:22 (156877)

Thanks for the response Julie: You must get tremendous happiness from seeing how many people you've helped.

I have another question about the yoga exercises. In the Toe Bending and Stretching, can benefit by gained by spreading toes apart while toes are still forward. In other words, instead of bringing them back and spreading them, it's easier for me to work them while toes are forward. If I bring toes back and spread them, I sometimes have pain in plantar region.

Thanks for all your effort with all of us. Sincerely, Buck

Re: First vacation in 5 years -- thanks to you all

Julie on 8/04/04 at 02:06 (156886)

Hi Buck

Yes, that's all right: spread the toes in whatever way is comfortable for you.

Yes, you're right: it is good to know that the time I've spent here has been useful to people.

All the best for your continued healing.