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C-peds - pls. reply

Posted by Rachael T. on 7/31/04 at 15:25 (156671)

I am searching for a boot that can be used in the barn & for riding......I hae worn in the past Ariats - but now, the toe box seems too tight for me...wearing Birks maybe stretched out my toes, making smaller toe boxes less comfy? Any boot suggestions? Thank you!

Re: C-peds - pls. reply

Nick, C.Ped on 7/31/04 at 20:48 (156678)


I went/am going to Medical school in Tulsa, OK so I have dealt with this A LOT!!! lol ... Are you wearing(or wanting to wear) orthotics in the boots?
Some boots tend to take to them better than others ... but theres a really easy and PAIN FREE way to break in some new riding boots. You definatley should be in a roper and not a western boot just because the roper is more of a stable heel and with a rubber sole vs. traditional leather because it will give your heels more cushion too.

Ariat makes this standard brown suede roper which i beleive comes in different widths, but anywho lemme know wether your in inserts or not and/or what kind and I can tell you about this (as one rider/client called it) 'super cool' break in process!

Re: C-peds - pls. reply

RACHAEL T. on 8/01/04 at 08:05 (156698)

hmm, I reply w/ several answers to your ?s! Yes, I've inserts - more than 1 pair & I try them all periodically in different boots. I don't wear west. boots - I wear English boots or traditional work boots....presently, I am wearing the Ariat Cascade, which has all the features that make Ariats stable & so forth...but w/ a full orthotic, the toebox is too small & w/ a 3/4 orthotic, there is NOT enough padding/cushion in the ball of the foot as the base of the boot w/o its regular insert is quite hard. Sooo - I guess that is the ?. I find my great toe gets sore (& I don't have a bunion - but maybe that is coming if I continue to wear these 'tight, toe boxed' boots; & ~ maybe my toes have learned to 'stretch out' w/ wearing birks alot.) I also have worn Mountain Horse boots which have a little larger toe box & Mephisto boots - but all have the same toe box issue w/ inserts & w/o - as I listed above.

Re: C-peds - pls. reply

Nick, C.Ped on 8/03/04 at 02:59 (156801)

The way to start is to pick the full length insert that you wish to use to replace the one that comes in the ariat, then also the regular style of sock you are going to wear, (you might want to do this outside as the next part tends to get a little messy) next you want to have a big bowl of fairly warm water and one at a time you should soak your boot for about a minute to two minutes then put them on, the trick is to have the water warm enough and once you have both of them on you should be out walking around in the sun for a good 15 to 30 mins depending on how long it takes them to dry up a ways. After this process I usually stuff the toe box with a rag that was soaked in the same hot water and let it sit overnight, If Needed the process can be repeated a couple times.

The benefit of this method vs. simply taking the boots to be stretched is the glove like fit required for a riding boot and a harder tougher work boot. Stretching any type of 'cowboy boot' with a machine is tough to do without making the boot feel 'sloppy'

What we are trying to do is stretch the toebox in a manner that wont make it too sloppy or too tight. The reason you walk around in the process is because the leather when wet will stretch in high pressure and friction areas, which is especially great for folks wearng inserts since most often than none depth wise it just brings them to high 'up' in the shoe.

Re: C-peds - pls. reply

RACHAEL T. on 8/03/04 at 23:04 (156881)

Thank you ALOT! This sounds easy enough & Yes, I will try it! Thanks again for your help.....! You are so right - about being 'too high up' in boots w/ inserts!