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Update on Dr Visit

Posted by ed o n on 7/31/04 at 22:35 (156689)

I saw a specialist in Grand Rapids MI, He has sent me for MRI, Nerve conduction tests, blood work I feel like a #*^&*^# guine pig!

Next week I have to go to A work consulting thearipist. to see if I can ever go back to work.

The specialist said He would not do surgary again as it didn't work the first three times.

See him again on the 18th of August Then we will know more.

Re: Update on Dr Visit

Marty in SLC on 8/01/04 at 00:01 (156693)

Ed hang in there and thanks for giving the update. Did you ask about the spinal stimulator implant?


Re: Update on Dr Visit

ed o n on 8/03/04 at 05:29 (156802)

The Dr said that after all the tests there are some options that we will go over. Surgary is OUT but we might try a stimulator!
So I have other questions that I have typed up to take along.

Re: Update on Dr Visit

Marty from SLC on 8/03/04 at 10:35 (156822)

I would agree with the doctor, don't want more scaring in there at this point. Ed, try getting some more suggestions from these site. You have to register but it's free.


(you want to go to the neuropathy forum)

keep us posted

Re: Update on Dr Visit

Marty from SLC on 8/03/04 at 10:36 (156823)

opps I typed it wrong