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can x-ray's make people feel sick??

Posted by Marty in SLC on 8/01/04 at 00:06 (156694)

I had 2 x-rays of my spin thurday and felt pretty crappy today. Would say I feel sick like a running nose but just crappy.


Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

marie on 8/01/04 at 16:25 (156721)

I haven't heard of that but I did twitch after my MRI and the technician said a very small percentage of people do have a reaction. He told me that folks with nerve damage seem to be the most suceptable from what he has observed.


Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

john h on 8/01/04 at 19:12 (156728)

X-rays can do more than make you feel sick. In sufficient quantity they put you in a dirt bed. MRI is not an x-ray. Different technology. Never heard of anyone becoming sick from the MRI but some people go balastic in the enclosure which I guess that could easily make you sick. In fact many people take a valium prior to entering an MRI tube. My wife gets frantic in an MRI enclolsure. My daughter is an X-ray tech and I worked around atomic weapons for many years which may account for my wierd behavior that some of you may observe.

Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

marie on 8/01/04 at 19:24 (156731)

That's so funny. Yeah I jerked and twitched for weeks after my mri. I guess it's uncommon but hey if it's rare or unheard of I can usally find it.

Atomic weapons....John I learn something new about you every day.


Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

JudyS on 8/01/04 at 21:28 (156743)

.....a dirt bed?.......

Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

Kathy G on 8/02/04 at 09:09 (156750)

We're finding out more and more about John as time goes by. So much of it explains his behavior!!! :)

Interesting side note, John. My husband plays golf with a fellow who was an engineer for the Manhattan Project. He's the only one of his team who is still alive. The rest, unfortunately, died from cancer. This fellow, who's about seventy-five, is in the early stages of Alzheimers.

Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

Marty from SLC on 8/02/04 at 10:08 (156753)

It's now monday morning and I'm just starting to get my energy back. I'm in pretty good shape and I swear that thing zapped every bit of energy I had. Weird????

My grandma died of cancer ..... she lived in southern utah and my dad tells me when he was young he remembers seeing the clouds rolling into town from the testing going on out in the Nevada desert. He moved back to his home town a few years ago and he says many people his age are dieing from cancer. He has had a spell with it himself.

Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

john h on 8/02/04 at 10:56 (156755)

In the early 60's they were doing some atomic testing and needed a helicopter and pilot to standoff at a given altitude not to far away. Guess who?. I also had the good fortune to fly directly behind the C-130 Ranch Hand aircraft as they dispened agent orange and landed on some of these sites they cleared. I am probably still radiating but never noticed any effects from agent orange though many have. What is crazy about the atomic test all of us were fighting to be the pilots to be involved with the atomic test. Some of my friends were involved in the really big test in the Pacific flying helicopters into the area to check radiation levels. We were not real smart about radiation in those days. I spent some years supporting our missile program and a lot of time in the missile silos. We also escorted by helicopter any warhead movements. Around 1965 I was at McConnell AFB in Kansas. We were using the Atlas which was a liquid propelled missile. Some of the fuel and chemicals it used were very deadly when combined so much so that one whiff and you were history. One of the missiles located in a remote farm area had a fuel spill and a deadly cloud of red gas formed. It could kill anything in its path. Fortunately we had a strong Kansas wind blowing and the path of the cloud was over Kansas farm land. We followed behind it in a helcopter reporting it's location. It only took a few minutes for it to disperse.and were very lucky there was wind. Had this cloud gone over a town without much wind it could have been catastrophic. Every senior Commander on the base was fired and an investigation that lasted a year was conducted. I do not think the public ever was aware of how close a call this was. I think we still have a nuclear sub and B-52 with weapons on board deep in the atlantic. Fortunately the nuclear material had not been inserted into the weapons so no chance of a nuclear explosion.I had several friends who developed cancer in their 30's while on duty and surely this was not just a random happening. I was working around atomic weapons in the 50's when they were still in their infancy and things we did then no one would ever do today. To get the required security clearance I remember friends from my home town telling me about people comming around asking all sorts of questions about me. Even to my high school. Maybe my friends thought I was on the lamb from some misdeed I will never forget the feeling that you have when you are in an aircraft like a B-52 carrying enough nuclear weapons to kill millions of people. It is a sickening feeling that you really never want to experience. During the Cuban crisis we flew out of Madrid right up to the Russian border 24/7 fully prepared to hear the order to execute if the Russians tried to run the blockade on Cuba. As the Russian ships and missisles approached our blockade Kennedy had give the positive order to sink them if they tried to go through. In Madrid our crews were called into an auditorium and advised in all likely hood we would face a nuclear exchange with Russia in less than 24 hours. We were flying about 24 B-52's out of that base with half of them in the air at all times on the edge of Russia. I had departed the states with 10 minutes notice and never even said good bye to my wife and did not know where I was going or what I was going to do until airborne. When I got on my plane I gave all the money I had to one of the crewchief's to give to my wife. We were not exactly rich in those days and she could not be told where we were going or when we would come back. Tough life on these military wifes back then and now..

Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/02/04 at 18:56 (156781)

'Open' MRIs are a good alternative for some. Short bore scanners in which the tube is much smaller (smaller tunnel) is much more practical for imaging hands and feet anyway and better to use whenever available -- no claustrophobia and a higher quality image is usually achieved. For example, I can see the ankle ligaments on an MRI performed in a short bore scanner (to see if they were torn in a sprain) but rarely in an open MRI or the full size machines.

Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

marie on 8/02/04 at 18:56 (156782)

John that is an incrediable story. I can't believe you were ready to drop an atomic bomb in Russia if needed. I would not want to pull that mission.....that is an awful thing to have to prepare yourself to do. I'm glad you didn't get an order from Kennedy.

OK......how many medals do you have?


Re: John, Cuban Missile Crisis, and ramblings - It's 1AM and I can't sleep!

Kathy G on 8/03/04 at 00:16 (156800)

You've seen so many changes in the military world, John. People who are career military have a different perspective on things due to what they've seen, not to mention how close to death they've been. Not just their own, but that of others. I find your stories fascinating. I can imagine that being a military wife was tough and Mary has plenty of stories of her own. I have a feeling you were never one to hesitate to volunteer, either!

The only time I ever remember being scared, as a kid, was during the Cuban crisis. I really knew how serious it was when I got to CCD that night. Our pastor dispensed with classes and we all watched President Kennedy on television and then said a prayer for him, our military and the Russians and Cubans. Our pastor was always being reprimanded by the Bishop for his 'outlandish behavior' and that was one of those instances, I'm sure. He had us praying for the enemy. Here he was being truly Christian and he was getting into trouble for it. That's one of the reasons I'm no longer a Catholic but I don't ever discuss politics or religion so I won't go any further.

Nowadays, of course, I shudder to think what our children are thinking. Back then, the enemy was off the coast of Florida, not among us as he is today. I know they need to keep us informed but if I were a parent, I would worry about my children and their fears. I never let my children watch the news until I thought they were old enough to handle it but nowadays, it's everywhere and much harder to protect your children. If I thought the Cuban Missile Crisis was scary, I can only imagine what the children today are feeling.

Re: John, Cuban Missile Crisis, and ramblings - It's 1AM and I can't sleep!

john h on 8/03/04 at 09:37 (156816)

In my entire military career the Cuban Crisis was as close as we came to a nuclear war and possible world destruction. We had a couple of others which people have long forgotten but could have developed into a major conflict. I was in Formosa during the Formosa Crisis with China. Once I was flying a group of Turkish high ranking military officers from Washington to Ankara, Turkey. They had attended the War College in the U.S. We had around 100 on board and were in the vicinity of Rome when I received a radio transmission to turn around immediately that there had been a coup in Turkey and these Officers would probably be shot if we landed. An interesting note on the Turks is that they are some of the most fierce fighters in the world. Our current nuclear defense is primarly with nuclear subs. I think we have around 28 and each carries numerous multiple programable independant warheads meaning one missile can launch from under water a missile that then can fire off multiple warheads and strike targets within a few yards of where programed. These 28 subs could easily destroy the world. There is really no defense against these subs. We are not there yet (I do not think) but assume we will in time be able to launch missiles from outer space which means there would be no warning if someone were to lauunch such an attack. We of course have tactical nuclear weapons that can be launched from fighters and the ageless B-52 and B-1's are capable of delivering any size weapon from a standoff distance of many hundreds of miles. We have some unbelievable intelligence aircraft that few people know about. Can you believe some smaller than a butterfly that can transmitt a picture.We have pilotless aircraft that can stay airborne for 7 days and fly well above 100,000 feet using sun as it's power source. I am not up on the Israeli defenses but I do think they have a nuclear submarine(s) which makes a major nuclear attack on Israel very unlikely. I talk by eMail with an Israeli Air Force Officer on occasion and it is very clear that Israel would destroy the middle east before they would allow themselves to be overrun. The world has been lucky so far because fanatics have not obtained nuclear capablility. I fear at some point a nation like Iran or some other rougue nation may obtain the capability. I would not be supprised to see Israel take out the Iranian nuclear capablility like they did with Iraq..

Re: can x-ray's make people feel sick??

john h on 8/03/04 at 09:42 (156817)

Ed: In some of my readings on open MRI's and talking with a Radiologist there is an apparent slight loss of quality and detail on the open MRI. I would guess in some cases depending on what you are looking for the closed MRI is the preferred equipment. I talked to the technician doing my wifes brain scan early this year and he indicated this to be the case.

Re: John, Cuban Missile Crisis, and ramblings - It's 1AM and I can't sleep!

Pauline on 8/03/04 at 10:25 (156820)

Somedays ya feel like telling people to 'have at it' destroy this entire world and be done with it.

No matter where we'd all ended up with or without 20 virgins around there would probably still be people trying to destroy each other again.