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What is ESWT???

Posted by Lisa on 8/01/04 at 16:21 (156717)

Hi, I read what it is, but what does it exactly do? My doctor mentioned I might do this but then I just found out I have tts on top of pf. Is there a good sucess rate with this? Isn't this for inflamation? Would it be for my pf and tt? Can you work out after this? I can't even work out now. But does anyone know with me having this will I ever be able to work out again? I'm used to kickboxing, step aerobics, running. I haven't done any of this for a year. I went to strengh training and spinning, but now my feet hurt too much even to cook dinner. Am I ever going to get better? I'm so frustrated. Sorry and thanks

Re: What is ESWT???

Dr. Z on 8/01/04 at 20:16 (156735)

ESWT is used for chronic plantar fasciitis. It works by causing microtrauma to the areas of the plantar fascia that won't heal. The body is now able to lay down new healthy tissue in areas where you had poor degnerative tissue. In plain english instead of having the area cut out with surgery, ESWT stimulates healing of the tissue without any cutting. I have made a list of questions and answers on my web site wwww.eswtusa.com that should help alot. Let me know after reviewing the site if there are any additional questions you may have.