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Posted by Terry D. on 8/01/04 at 20:30 (156739)

I had tts 14 months ago and still have pain when walking. I went to a podorthist(sp) and he recommended Flat Foot sport insoles. They are the first insoles that have helped me( including hard orthotics). I pronate and he thought they would keep me more in line. i only have mild flat feet. Has anyone else tried these? They are made by the Marathone shoe company.
Terry D

Re: Flat Foot Insoles by Marathon Shoe Company

Wes Oblander on 1/14/06 at 00:04 (191417)

I have worn these for several years with success, beginning shortly after being diagnosed with flat feet by a podiatrist, again, and enjoying a cortizone shot for a bone spur on my left heel.

Short of making a trip to South Carolina, I'll continue to use the insoles.

Re: Insoles

Richard, C.Ped on 1/14/06 at 08:35 (191420)

A pedorthist thought an off the shelf orthosis would keep you more in line?? wow. I really don't ever recommend an off the shelf orthosis. Perhaps in the case where someone can not afford a custom. Even then, I can let them know the benefits of a custom -vs- and OTS, and I will discount and even allow a payment plan in order for them to get the correct device.