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ESWT FDA approval

Posted by Tina H on 8/02/04 at 20:05 (156785)

Hi- Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the exact journal article showing FDA approval for the use of high energy ESWT for treating pf(or even the reference)? Even though my doctor gave me a very reasonable rate for treatment, I am really mad that the insurance company won't cover this when I've tried most of the non-invasive methods and other major insurers in our area(Pittsburgh), do cover ESWT. It's not right that they deny FDA approved, non-invasive treatments. I plan to fight and appeal this to the end but I'm having a hard time getting a copy of the actual studies involved to send with my appeal. Thank you, Tina

Re: ESWT FDA approval

Dr. Z on 8/02/04 at 20:49 (156786)


Here is the link from the FDA web site for the Dornier Epos

http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/pdf/p000048.html What insurance companies in the Pittsburg area cover ESWT. Highmark Blue Shield just rescinded its coverage recently.

Re: ESWT FDA approval

Tina H on 8/03/04 at 08:30 (156809)

UPMC(a major regional carrier) still covers ESWT with no problem. We have the oppurtunity to change insurance once/year so we will be switching to UPMC in case I need this again and also because Health America won't cover some jaw surgery my son needs. Thanks for the link! Tina

Re: ESWT FDA approval

Long Chau on 8/04/04 at 18:18 (156936)

Insurance will pay for ESWT. My insurance denied it (Cigna), after I wrote letter to Medical review institute of America, they agree to pay.

Re: ESWT FDA approval

Tina H on 8/04/04 at 19:27 (156940)

Thanks so much for that information. What is the Medical review institute of America?

Re: ESWT FDA approval

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/06/04 at 20:38 (157111)

Good for you! I would encourage everyone who is denied coverage for a needed service to take an active role in appealing to their insurance company and all the way up to their state's insurance commissioner if necessary. Do your best not to take 'no' for an answer. The more people that do this, the better things will get better for other people too.

Re: ESWT FDA approval

Kevin A on 8/08/04 at 17:51 (157216)

I also have Cigna and was wondering what key points you made to get the procedure ESWT approved before I go down that road.