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Spy / Adware

Posted by Pete on 8/03/04 at 18:50 (156861)

Anybody on their pc got the annoying 'about:blank' adware that hijacks your homepage and generally makes a nuisance of itself ? I've got Spysweeper which has eliminated most of the other problems on my pc but not about:blank. Anybody heard of anything to solve the problem ?

PS I only got this because I didn't download the Windows Critical Updates promptly enough, so I suggest you all do NOW !

Re: Spy / Adware

Kathy G on 8/03/04 at 20:03 (156864)


You may have already discovered it but you can set up your 'Windows Update' so that it automatically pops up and lets you know when updates are available. A technician told me, way back when I got my first computer, to be sure and download only the critical updates and to study the other 'suggested' updates to make sure they were something I would be using. He said otherwise I would be wasting valuable computer memory with unnecessary updates. He used the converter for dollars to Euros as an example. It's available as an update but unless one deals with overseas trade, it's not necessary to have it on your computer.

I run Ad-aware all the time and do a thorough scan with it once a week. I recently read in PC Magazine that you should run SpyBot along with Ad-aware because what one doesn't pick up, the other doesn't. I haven't tried it. Obviously, you wouldn't have both running in the background at the same time. You would, however, scan with each of them weekly. They're both free. Is SpySweeper free?

As to your problem with about:blank, have your tried going to the Microsoft website and doing a search to see if they have a patch to get rid of the problem? If that doesn't work, you could try going to your computer's manufacturer's website and see if they can offer any suggestions. Another possibility is to see if your antivirus softwear website has any suggestions. Many of these websites have message boards, much like this one, and you can get a great deal of information on those.

My daughter ran into the same problem and I think I found the solution at Microsoft.

Good luck!

Re: Spy / Adware

Pete on 8/03/04 at 21:04 (156872)

Thanks Kathy. I didn't get the Windows updates in time, because I delayed downloading them as I was busy and am paying for it now !

I've since found a helpful message board and have posted details of my problem. Hopefully, I'll get a reply soon. The problem I've got is apparently difficult to remove but we'll see.

Spysweeper wasn't free but still won't solve the issue.

Anyway gotta go its 3am in England and I'm tired !

Re: Spy / Adware

Pauline on 8/03/04 at 21:07 (156873)

It's well hidden within your files and if you don't get a reply post a fax number and I'll fax you three pages of instructions. Yep that's correct.
It will take you about 45 minutes to remove the sucker.

Re: Pauline

Pete on 8/04/04 at 05:56 (156887)

Thanks for your note. Won't have access to a fax machine for a week or so because off work. If the message board I've contacted can't help I'll give you my fax number next week.

To think people deliberately programme these Trojans.....scum !

Re: Spy / Adware

Richard, C.Ped on 8/04/04 at 08:25 (156890)

I have my free spyware/adware, AVG virus scan and pop-up blocker. Sux that we need them, but I am glad I have them. I was not able to download them sooner to my home computer and was taken over by a nasty virus. grrrr

Re: Spy / Adware

Kathy G on 8/04/04 at 08:39 (156894)

I just can't understand why someone with the intelligence and ability to create a virus doesn't put that use to some good - and get paid for it!

My sister got an always-on connection to the internet and was running it withtout a firewall. She did have Norton's Antivirus softwear. I found a Norton's Internet Security deal where you got rebate of your full purchase price if you sent in POP for the Security and the front page of the instruction manual from your antivirus softwear. Because she's just not computer savvy and yet still orders merchandise online with a credit card, I went out and got it for her and had her sign the rebate checks over to me. I kept having nightmares about her computer being hacked and someone stealing all her personal information.

Re: mozilla, stopzilla, Kim Komando

marie on 8/04/04 at 12:17 (156908)

I use that one...it works well. I also use Ad-aware and stopzilla.

I find alot of stuff at http://www.komando.com/ Kim Komando....the digital goddess

Dr. Ed suggested Mozilla instead of Internet Exporer.........most popups are written for explorer. So I use it frequently now...am on it right now and NO popups. http://www.mozilla.org/ download Foxfire

Clean off your cookies and temporary Internet files. Go to Tools, Options, Delte cookies and files.

Re: mozilla, stopzilla, Kim Komando

R C on 8/04/04 at 14:18 (156913)

My computer was hit with 'about:blank', and I didn't find any of the popular spyware and adware erasers to be effective. However, since I started using Mozilla's 'Foxfire' (to use as my browser instead of MS Internet Explorer), I haven't had any problems. I recommend it, too.

Re: Spy / Adware

Pete on 8/04/04 at 14:41 (156914)

Ah thats probably the point they do put their intelligence to good use by creating the virus and then writing a program to fix it...........the latter being at the cost of the consumer of course ! Call me a cynic.......

Re: mozilla, stopzilla, Kim Komando

john h on 8/04/04 at 14:52 (156919)

Hey R.C. the ultimate answer is buy a MAC. We do not have to deal with all those viruses. I have had Mac's since they started making them and never had a virus. My office (P.C's) call for technicians monthly even though they have virus software on the server and computers. I think me,Julie,Nancy and Nancy are the Mac people around here.

Re: mozilla, stopzilla, Kim Komando

john h on 8/04/04 at 14:54 (156920)

I wonder if Kim Komando looks as good as she sounds? She sure knows her computers including Mac's. I enjoy her radio programs. Is she ever on TV?

Re: mozilla, stopzilla, Kim Komando

Dorothy on 8/04/04 at 17:21 (156932)

You can see her pictures on her website; she posts gazillions of them and seems to really believe her hype: computer goddess.
She used to be on CNN; I don't know if that is still true - I don't have cable/satellite tv.
Do you get her newsletter? Useful info. there from time to time.
What I like about Kim Kommando is her name. That is the greatest name! She claims it is her real, original name, too - it is the best name!
She does have a great radio voice, you are right - and I like her attitudes and emphasis in a number of areas. However, people I know who are computer experts (not me!) say that she doesn't really KNOW a lot about anything that isn't very standard, readily available info. If you listen carefully, she doesn't really answer a lot of the questions - she blathers, smoozes and delays a lot. All that said, I like the program, prefer the newsletter, and think she seems like a decent human being - and she does know how to trade on her appearance! (especially for a radio/computer personality)

Re: mozilla, stopzilla, Kim Komando

marie on 8/04/04 at 18:39 (156937)

Hey you forgot me.............I use both so I don't know if I count.

Re: mozilla, stopzilla, Kim Komando

R C on 8/05/04 at 08:35 (156964)

I agree with John h - the ultimate answer is to get a Mac. I've had nothing but Macs at home, and they are wonderful. I have a G4 with a wide screen. I wish they would use them at work.