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Has anyone had this particular problem with they're feet

Posted by Jeff L. on 8/04/04 at 10:47 (156903)

I've had this problem with my feet for awhile now.
My symptoms are:
1.Both feet hurt equally; Pain is in the heel,on the sides of the heel,and the back of the heel.After 8 hrs. or more of work or more than 40 hrs.a week(machining),my feet get real hot and throb very noticably in the heel area when I sit down(say to drive home).Then when I get up from sitting, they are very stiff in the heel and the back of heel until I walk around a little, then the whole cycle starts again.

2.My feet hurt only when I stop walking and stand in place, with constant pressure on my heels.The longer that I'm on my feet, the worse it gets. My feet are fine right out of bed. After 4 or 5 hrs. on my feet is when it starts. After a 40 hr. work week, everyday duties(grocery shopping,etc.) along with working gets very painful and uncomfortable.

3.The pain is a deeper pain,it doesn't hurt to the touch at all.

The Question is: does anyone know what this is or what is causing it? Or possibly have the same symptoms or have seen someone with something similar?
Please reply with any helpful information.It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Has anyone had this particular problem with they're feet

LARA on 8/04/04 at 11:12 (156904)

My history is similar, although a significant difference - I didn't have pain in the heels, I had burning on the bottom of my feet.

However the rest of the description is the same. The feet hurt equally. And it hurt when I stopped being on my feet, and when I started, but if I kept going I was o.k. - until I stopped. My pain was a burning, and touching my feet actually felt good

Not sure if this helps.

THere are several non-invasive things to try that might help either plantar fascitis or TTS (or something else):
compression socks

Re: Has anyone had this particular problem with they're feet

Vern S. on 8/04/04 at 14:43 (156916)

I have had very similar symptoms for 2 1/2 years. Have not found the cause or cure yet. Wishing you better luck.

Re: Has anyone had this particular problem with they're feet

Jeff L. on 8/06/04 at 23:41 (157120)

Vern, Drop me a line at '(email removed)'.
I'm curious about how your problem came about, etc.
Lara's sounds similar,maybe a neuroma for hers?
I'm just so fed up with this anymore. I've been to
quite a few dr.s and I can't get a name put on this.
Some want to call it PF but the symptoms I'm having
aren't the same.I've seen something about neuroma's that can be on the heel.I wonder if anyone has had anything like that, and what the symptoms were like.

Re: Has anyone had this particular problem with they're feet

Nat.f on 8/07/04 at 17:13 (157168)

I have had the same symptons also for 2 years now,docs seem to think P/F is the problem. The burning feet seem to have eased somewhat. Also experience 'buzzing' feet,assume this to be inflamation gathering in one spot and putting pressure on nerves?This is more painful in my left foot,the right is just about bearable if I have to live with it,as seems the case so far.Pain also radiates along the arch & sometimes the front of the foot.
MRI has shown no sign of neuroma,currently waiting for yet another appt with foot specialist.Considering insisting on a steroid(cort) injection has anyone tried & had any success with this for same symptons?
I admit to being slightly overweight but not extreme (approx 20 lbs)am trying to lose some..easier said than done!I possess a variety of insoles/heel pads etc,some help to a degree.Ice also seems to help until that is the foot warms again.
The constant gnawing/burning pain as you may know can make me be totally miserable,so,would be forever grateful for any suggestons.