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Wendy - How was your trip to Boston?

Posted by Kathy G on 8/04/04 at 17:22 (156933)

You had the city practically to yourself! They warned everyone so much about the gridlock and security that everyone stayed away. The poor merchants and hotels will take months to financially bail out.

You also had pretty lousy weather but there hasn't been very much good weather in New England this year. All it did was rain this spring and this summer, it's either raining and cold or hot and extremely humid.

My goal is to go to Boston in the fall and take one of the trolley tours of the city. We did that in Washington DC a few years ago, and it was a wonderful way to see the city and not have to walk very much!

Hope you and your family had fun and that the weather up your way is better than it is here!

Re: Kathy

wendyn on 8/07/04 at 18:23 (157171)

Hi Kathy..we had a great trip!

We actually stayed away from Boston itself during the convention (like everyone else). My family is in Manchester (about 45 min north of Boston). Half way through the week we flew out to Fredericton, New Brunswick for a weekend - then back to Boston. The only day we actually spent in the city was last Tuesday, and it was VERY hot.

Our weather in general was actually really good. We only had one morning of rain and one sort of cloudy/so-so day. We are very happy with heat and humidity, since we get very little of either. We've had a few really hot days at home this year, but it won't last much longer.

The trip was fantastic and we hope to be back again in about two years.

We actually almost didn't go. I was VERY sick the week before we left (had blood poisoning). Our flight was set for Thursday, but as of the Monday before - we weren't sure if I was going to be well enough to travel. Fortunately, I was (barely) and I got better quite quickly after we got there (the antibiotics made me pretty ill on top of everything else).

It was a pretty hairy week leading up to a vacation, but it all turned out fine. Talk to you later!

Re: Kathy

asd on 8/16/04 at 09:07 (158063)