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Pain with TTS and PF

Posted by Renee on 8/04/04 at 20:14 (156951)

I've spent the last five months getting shots of cortozone - podiatrist orders, that was a complete waste of my time and money.

Next week I'm going for my official TTS Nerve test....but in the meantime I can barely walk.... ANY suggestions????

Re: Pain with TTS and PF

Richard, C.Ped on 8/05/04 at 08:47 (156967)

If you do not have orthotics yet, look into it. This should (if made correctly) put your foot in the proper neutral position and relieve pressure.

Re: Pain with TTS and PF

LARA on 8/05/04 at 11:40 (156981)

Things you can try before you have time for orthotics:


compression socks (available at many drug stores - usually advertised for varicose veins or post-surgery. Don't help everyone, but you can try it immediately) (for me they were actually better than orthotics, but that's not true for everyone)

rest (can you spend a week-end having your own personal movie marathon. Although it happened to me accidentally, a week-end of rest gave me quite a bit of additional steps in the following weeks.)\

Good luck

Re: Pain with TTS and PF

Marty from SLC on 8/05/04 at 12:53 (156983)

be creative, sit when and where ever possible. you didn't mention shoes, they can help. don't put them all to tight. neurontin is another.

Re: oh yea, shoes

LARA on 8/05/04 at 17:42 (157017)

forgot about shoes. I highly recommend DAnkso. Other people recommend Birks - for me they made my feet worse. Sometimes you have to experiment to see what works for you.

Re: Pain with TTS and PF

Terri on 8/08/04 at 21:52 (157231)


I just wanted to say thank you, you and other C-Ped's out there have helped a lot of us so much with your knowledge and compassion.

I found a shoe store locally run by 2 brothers, both C-Ped's, and they are the nicest people. Really listen and work with everyone in great detail that walk through the door. My first experience with them came when I walked in 5 min's before closing time and they worked with me for 50 mins without rushing or making me feel like I was holding them from leaving. I've since recommended them to other TTS patients I know in the area and they all have had the same positive experience.