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heelspur/tiresome pf

Posted by Sherry on 8/05/04 at 11:19 (156978)

Has anyone gotten rid of a heelspur without surgery - I mean truly? I have had pf for a year and a half, since a medial meniscus trim of my right knee. Before this pf set in, I used to have to get new shoes at a certain point or my right heel would hurt. The shoes were either worn out in the heel, or the arch was fallen, I figured and thus I was over pronating causing my heel to hurt. I could go barefoot with zero problems. I wonder if I had a heelspur then, but got away with changing shoes. Once my meniscus was trimmed I has less inner leg length and pronated more hence the pf. I also stayed out of work 3 weeks after the knee surgery and went back to work on concrete floors. The docters do not seem to think my theory is correct - regarding the knee surgery, and the lack of meniscus causing my pf. It just seemed that a worn right shoe led to pain in my right foot for years and that it was the inner worn heel or the arch. Why would not the meniscus play into this balance? Anyway as mentioned previously, I have done chiroractic, accupucture, pt, orthotics, stretching, and now a night splint. I feel overwhelmed by this websight and all the info. I wany to do something to end this pain. All I do helps, but does not end my pf. I now have a problem with my left foot - tendonitis - from slipping on a
step in NYC, caused in part by my orthotics - not enough flexibility. This makes me hysterical. I don't want surgery, but don't want another year of this awfulness. I am off for the summer and the summer is rapidly comming to an end. I used to dance and do t'ai ji - I don't anymore. Like so many, I want my life back. Any way has any one truly gotton rid of a heelspur without surgery or ESWT for that matter. ESWT is still invasive as far as I am concerned. I don't want new blood vessels. I haven't closed it out.

Thank you Sherry

Re: heelspur/tiresome pf

john h on 8/05/04 at 13:13 (156989)

I have read a number of post from people who were cured of PF with surgery and many according to some reliable data from journals. Problem is some people have been made worse so you have to factor that in the equation.If you ever go with surgery you sure want to research your surgeon very very carefully.

Re: heelspur/tiresome pf

Barbara B on 8/06/04 at 08:14 (157051)

I've been in the same boat. No knee problem but PF for over a year-treatment with PT, Accupuncture, ESWT, to no avail. Now doing PT 3X week and really icing, stretching, and it's not as bad as before.I play golf, walk the 18 holes and can do it in good sneakers with orthodocs. Then I'm shot for the day. Ice immediately. My ortho guy said Ice, ice, ice. and stretch the calf as many times as you can.

It's so frustrating, I know. I am avoiding surgery since I attribute this to hammertoe surgery in 99 which I didn't need. No podiatrist will cut my foot open ever, again!!!!

Hang in there. Barbara

Re: heelspur/tiresome pf

John from MN on 8/06/04 at 09:46 (157063)

If you have tried all the treatments I would suggest reading my post from 6/1 on and read about transverse friction massage.

Re: heelspur/tiresome pf

Sherry on 8/07/04 at 21:04 (157183)

Dear John,

My pt says she is doing tfm. I don't know if it's what Dr. Sandell does.
I actually called Dr. Sandell this week, and he was informative and nice. I have to think about traveling to the northlands. I live in Conn. I am hoping that there is someone in Conn. who does similar things to your Dr. friend. Maybe you have a suggestion. I can't really find good shoes. Just spent 3 hours at DSW in Conn. Anyway I am open to anything. Has anyone tried psychic surgery? I can't stand this.