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To Dr. Z

Posted by Pauline on 8/05/04 at 13:25 (156991)

I've been hearing about a place called 'Grounds For Sculpture' in Trenton N.J. and it's restaurant called Rat's. Have you ever visited or eaten there? The Restaurant is suppose to be gourmet French Cuisine.

I think one of the Johnson heirs founded the art grounds and the restaruant came later.

Is it worth a trip???

Re: To Dr. Z

Dr. Z on 8/05/04 at 20:42 (157025)


I never have visit and or eaten there. I know some friends in that area who eat out alot. I will call and ask them. The name Rat's stands out in my mind. I live in Southern New Jersey. Trenton is about one hour north of where I live.

Re: To Dr. Z

Pauline on 8/06/04 at 07:57 (157047)

The art grounds really interest me and I thought we could make a long week end trip if they are still in as good a shape as shown in all the pictures I've seen.

Rat's an interesting name for a restaurant, but then I think Johnson enjoyed spoofing people.

Re: To Dr. Z

john h on 8/06/04 at 10:26 (157069)

Trenton was about 1 hour north of where I lived Dr. Z (Wrightstown) and one hour north of where my daughter was born (Mt Holly). Fortunately we got her out of N.J. before she picked up that N.J. accent. Back to the south where she had to learn to talk Southern. My wife had never been north of Atlanta when we arrived in Jersey.

Re: To Dr. Z

Kathy G on 8/06/04 at 13:22 (157076)


My daughter-in-law, who grew up in North Caldwell, NJ has worked very hard to lose her New Jersey accent. She rarely sounds 'New Jersey' now but when she does, we all have hysterics. On the other hand, I have a terrible Massachusetts accent. I don't sound like the Kennedy's or Kerry. The Kennedy's don't sound like anyone but themeselves. Their accents aren't even close to typical Bostonians. And Kerry doesn't have as much of an accent as I do. Here in southern NH, they don't have a real New Hampshire accent. They sound almost generic. I, on the other hand, having learned to talk in Methuen, MA, still say 'cahn't,' 'bahth,' 'pahth,' and all the attendant mispronunciations. I tried, for a while, to lose it but at a certain point, I decided I don't care! I talk so much, I would have been exhausted from the effort!

I once met a man who was an expert on dialects and he said that by the age of eight, many people have established their speech patterns and it is only with great effort that they can change them.

I guess I'm just lazy! I 'cahn't' stop myself from talking funny!

Re: Re:You'd do just grahnd in England, Kathy (nm).

Julie on 8/06/04 at 15:04 (157081)


Re: accent

Suzanne D. on 8/06/04 at 15:10 (157083)

I think accents are so interesting! I agree with you, Kathy; it's just too much work to try to change my accent. It is part of who I am! I strive to always use good grammar, but my southern Kentucky accent stays.

I was amused thinking of how differently you and I say 'cahn't'! My can't sounds like 'cane' with a t on the end. I did run into trouble with that one day. There is a delightful children's rhyming book entitled I CAN'T, SAID THE ANT. I remarked to my daughter that I loved the book but just didn't understand why every page had such enchanting rhymes, but the title didn't even rhyme! She just looked at me and smiled, and then I got it! I do try to say the generic 'can't' when I read that book so that it rhymes with ant! And, by the way, neither of my daughters say 'cane't' like me.

Suzanne :)

Re: accent

Kathy in Ky on 8/08/04 at 20:26 (157224)

Your 'cane't' reminded me of the way my area said 'West Consin' instead of Wisconsin. I was in college before I realized it was pronounced with a short i. Of course, all my teachers & family grew up in the same area & didn't find anything wrong with our pronounciation. Now that I teach in southern Ohio, I try my best to shorten my vowels but my co-workers think I say 'py' for pie. I do think a lot of the eastern Ky dialect is being lost due to technology & travel. The teenagers don't seem to have as much southern drawl as my peers. Y'all have a good week!

Re: accent

Richard, C.Ped on 8/09/04 at 12:13 (157258)

My three year old daughter is a blast to listen to with her southern accent. Everything that is usually one syllable is two or three syllables.