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A question for Richard

Posted by Kathy G on 8/05/04 at 16:04 (157010)

Hi Richard,

My fourteen-year-old nephew was just diagnosed by his PCP as having bilateral Achilles Tenonitis and PF in one foot. Among the doctor's recommendations were the new gel inserts on the market.

I suggested, instead, that he try a pair of Spencos. What do you think? My sister has a lousy insurance policy, so she's trying to avoid a visit to the Pod. As it is, she paid $100 for a pair of basketball shoes that he wants to wear all the time and the doctor said he needs to be wearing running shoes.

Background: He is relatively inactive. He just had basketball camp for a week and turned his ankle so that he couldn't attend the final day. He also belongs to a recreational league. This is all under duress as he really isn't very interested in anything sports-related.

He's not overweight but he has grown about two inches in the last six weeks. His feet also grew a full size.

He has recently taken up bicycle riding, an activity he enjoys. It's an eighteen speed mountain bike. Think he can still do that?

Thanks for any ideas you may have!

Re: A question for Richard

Richard, C.Ped on 8/06/04 at 08:12 (157050)

To be honest (like I am gonna lie to you otherwise....LOL) I think that will aggravate the condition even more. We usually go bilateral orthotics with a slight heel lift. That will allow the foot to be in a neutral position while allowing tension to be taken off the Achilles.

If the insurance does not cover the orthosis, tell her to find a C.Ped and see if they can work out a discount and payment plan. I do that all the time.

Another option would be to get the doc to write a script about the heel lift, get some good power step insoles and send both to me. I would be happy to add the lift if there is a prescription.

Re: A question for Richard

Kathy G on 8/06/04 at 08:58 (157056)

Wow, Richard, that is so kind of you!

I was just saying to my husband that I really liked the C.Ped whom I saw for a second opinion and maybe she should take him to see her.

In my opinion, insurance policy notwithstanding, foot problems should be addressed by a C.Ped or a Pod, not a family practitioner. I was surprised that he knew enough to suggest Birks but let's face it, the average fourteen-year-old isn't about to wear Birks unless all his friends are.

Thanks for your generous offer!

Re: A question for Richard

Nick, C.Ped on 8/07/04 at 05:53 (157133)

I think most Cpeds you visit should be able to work out a payment plan or a discounted rate, In my area in particular if you Don't do that for clients here and there you arn't respected. I agree with richard in the powerstep route if you can't do the orthotics