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Exercise Bicycle?

Posted by Dee C on 8/05/04 at 16:12 (157012)

Would like to get some comments on what kind of exercise to do after PF release surgery on one foot and Tailor's bunionectomy on the other. Have so much trouble losing any weight and have to move around so slowly. It's been 2 mos. now but seems like 2 years! My arthritis in my back is also worse too, from my lack of any exercise. What does anyone think, (especially you Dr.'s) about getting a recumbent exercycle? Is it safe for my feet?

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Rose on 8/05/04 at 22:34 (157031)

I have found that water aerobics, not touching the bottom of the pool, really is good for me. I do it 5 times a week, but cannot take touching the bottom. I am now up to treading in deep water and doing the exercises while most others are touching. Treading water for up to 30 minutes is a great aerobic workout and very good for the cardiovascular system. I also get arm work with the pool toys we use.
I had open release srugery a year ago and still have a lot of pain, so this is about the only exercise I can do. I cannot do weight bearing at this time without increased pain. I have tried the tread mill for up to 10 minuttes, but it increases my pain. Actually I am getting my walking in using a cane or sometimes crutches, but at least it is weight bearing.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Dorothy on 8/05/04 at 23:46 (157039)

Treading water for 30 minutes, 5 times a week is great cardiovascular exercise. Ask any water polo player! In my youth, I was a lifeguard for many summers and during our lunch hours, we would play water polo. That is some of the most vigorous exercise one can do. Hats off to you for what you doing - that's an excellent workout.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Dee C on 8/06/04 at 14:35 (157077)

Sounds great if I had access to a pool or could get to one. Really need to know if there is anything else that I can do in my small apartment. That's why I was curious about the exercise bike. My husband takes me out on the weekend to a store or something. I use one crutch or he wheelchairs me if I get too sore. But really want to know about home exercise. Thank you both for answering so fast. I know the water is the best exercise! Just not for me.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Rose on 8/06/04 at 19:34 (157106)

ARe you sure there are no water classes nerby? I take it through the adult school. It is only $10.00 a semester. It is a senior class, but younger people are in the class. One friend is about 40 and has MS. The other senior adult classea are free. There is a chair yoga class that is great I hear. I am going to try it.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Rose on 8/06/04 at 19:39 (157107)

At home you might look into a pilates tape, there are all levels or yoga. I took a mild pilates class at our physical therapy building through Kaiser. It was wonderful. It was one on one with a physical therapist, 4 of us at a time. We did all sorts of mild strenghtening exercises, some balance work, stretching, and core strenghtening. It was just wonderful and I can do it at home. The class lasted 6 weeks. It is just that I don't like to exercise alone at home.That is why I go to the classes. The social outlet is wonerful for me. I also spent a week inside and then my husband would take me out in the wheel chair. Now I can get by with a cane or sometimes a crutch, but the wheel chair for any long trips.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

raymond m,l. on 8/07/04 at 10:49 (157139)

i have heard this over and over afterp P.f.surgery to whare ortholic for one you want to keep your arch from falling second the planter fascittis does not strecth so the only thing your doing by walking around in that pool is hurting your foot

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Rose on 8/07/04 at 12:19 (157150)

Yes, that is why I stay where I cannot touch

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

april l on 8/07/04 at 13:43 (157154)

The plantar fascia doesn't stretch? then why did my doctor prescribe a night splint to keep it stretched overnight? He said without it, the fascia shrinks and when it is restretched with the first step in the morning it tears. I have been very active since having PF surgery...walking on it, doing stretches, walking in the pool. It has helped me to do those things. My foot doesn't hurt anymore and I believe it is because of those things. Yes, it hurt in the beginning. My doctor said 'use it or lose it'. He was right. I don't wear orthotics. Fallen arch? I don't understand how one can get a fallen arch. Is the arch the same as the plantar fascia? In my right foot I cannot feel any fascia but I have an arch.

I wonder if there have been any studies on people who have undergone EPF to compare the outcomes of the ones who babied their feet verses those who remained active.

Re: p.s. Raymond

april l on 8/07/04 at 13:45 (157155)

What's the point of having PF surgery if you're not going to walk on it afterwards?

Re: Night splint - for April

Julie on 8/07/04 at 15:49 (157163)


It's not the plantar fascia that is being stretched overnight by the night splint, but the calf muscle/achilles tendon complex. These structures form a continuum with the pf, and when they shorten overnight they pull on the pf in the morning. That's where 'first step pain' comes from.

In fact, the night splint doesn't actually 'stretch' the calf muscles. It just keeps them from tightening overnight, thus helping to avoid first step pain.

Re: Night splint - for April

Rose on 8/07/04 at 22:02 (157186)

Yes. I have found thatg wearing the boot all night makes me almost pain free even with the first step in the morning. It certainly does reduce pain to keep the foot at a 90 degree all night.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

raymond m,l. on 8/10/04 at 18:05 (157430)

the planter does not strecth its a tissue, muscles strecth any dummy knows that thats why you get tears in the planter when we sleep we curl our toes so we releave presure then when we take our first step it tighten the planter planter surgery lenthens the tissue when we first walk in m

orring foot hurts and then goes away thats why they use night splints

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

raymond m,l. on 8/10/04 at 18:10 (157431)



raymond m,l. on 8/10/04 at 18:27 (157432)


Re: Exercise Bicycle?

april l on 8/10/04 at 20:59 (157462)

raymond, I tried to understand your post, but I could not. Please don't call other people 'DUMMY'. I don't know who you were referring to as 'DUMMY', LOL, but if you were referring to me, I think that was very rude. I have been told by professionals to stretch the plantar (not planter) fascia, so if it doesn't stretch then I guess it really doesn't matter because I am totally pain free now.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

april l on 8/10/04 at 21:03 (157463)

You crack me up, you are so illiterate! I may be stupid (cos I didn't know the fascia doesn't stretch at all, and not sure I believe YOU), but I am one of the few that has no pain on this board. So I must know something!

Re: Night splint - for April

april l on 8/10/04 at 21:54 (157464)

Thanks Julie for explaining this to me. I really did not know that.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Julie on 8/11/04 at 01:18 (157476)


The plantar fascia doesn't stretch not because it is a 'tissue', but because it is a ligament-like structure, and ligaments can stretch only a maximum of 3% before they tear.

We have first step pain not because we 'curl our toes when we sleep', but because the calf muscles and achilles tendons tighten and shorten overnight, and increase the tension on the plantar fascia. This causes microtears in the plantar fascia. The night splint, which holds the calf muscles and achilles tendon in a gently lengthened staten during the night, helps to the formation of the microtears that cause the first step pain.

I hope this explanation is helpful to you, but if it isn't, please don't call me 'stupit' or 'dummy', because if you do I will report you to Scott.

Re: That should have read "helps to AVOID the microtears"

Julie on 8/11/04 at 01:20 (157477)


Re: julie"

raymond m,l. on 8/11/04 at 09:01 (157491)

julie your the smart one APRILis the DUMMY

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

april l on 8/11/04 at 09:28 (157500)

Thanks again Julie for explaining this even more. So the fascia does stretch up to 3%? I think that the deep massaging and stretching of the fascia helped me. If not then I must have just been trememdously fortunate.

Re: APRIL big dummy

raymond m,l. on 8/11/04 at 10:21 (157509)

3% is not a strecth you big dummy

Re: APRIL big dummy

april l on 8/11/04 at 11:58 (157528)

Your attacks on me are totally uncalled for. I will not respond to you again as you have nothing meaningful to say. And, I am going to suggest that you try to be a little more open- minded. Try to read suggestions here without being so judgemental. Maybe, just maybe you will find that you do not know it all. Whatever I have done in the course of my treatment, whether or not it is something you seem stupid or not, it has worked for me as I am totally pain free. So maybe if you could stop acting like a ywo yr. old, you might learn something.

Re: To Raymond

Pauline on 8/11/04 at 12:22 (157536)

It is possible to disagree with another poster without getting personal and this is the general rule order that is expected on Scott's site.

Your recent post to April is only one of your nasty name calling assults made on her and they should stop immediately. It's uncalled for, childish, and quite honestly discredits you and any future posts that you may write.

The ability to get back on tract is within your power and I hope the rest of us begin to see that happen. Personally I think you owe April an apology.

Re: Repaline

raymond m,l. on 8/11/04 at 12:55 (157544)

i wrote to julie to give her info and april put her nose in it like i was stupit and gave bad advise to julie every body know to take it easy and planter dosent strecth she said some bad things about me to so SHE CAN KISS MY BROWN ASS OK SHE APRIL IS A BIG DUMMY

Re: Scottr

Julie on 8/11/04 at 13:06 (157551)


Re: Exercise Bicycle?

john h on 8/13/04 at 11:14 (157754)

Julie I did not know the fascia would stretch at all. I had always read that tendons did not stretch. Live and learn.

Re: Exercise Bicycle?

Julie on 8/13/04 at 12:00 (157757)

Well, they don't, to all intents and purposes. The 3% I cited is miniscule (and there is controversy about that) and I would guess only possible for those who really work at it.

Where PF is concerned, we're talking about injured or inflamed tissue, or scar tissue, so attempting to stretch it is a bad idea. One is much better off assuming that the fascia does not stretch, and, if tight calf muscles are a contributory cause, concentrate on lengthening those.

Where the achilles tendon is concerned, my take on this is that it can shorten (various causes - e.g. high heels in women, too much impact exercise and not enough stretching in both men and women) but can, with appropriate stretching exercise, be restored to its normal/optimum length. This doesn't mean it has stretched, it means it has been brought back to its normal functional length. But again, in PF, one has to be careful with the kind of weight-bearing stretching that achieves this, as there is always the danger of putting too much tension on the fascia and re-injuring it.