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Chronic Foot Pain

Posted by Barbara D on 8/06/04 at 11:37 (157073)

The drama and trauma of the past 4 yrs have brought me to this website. In 1970 I injured my R foot which never healed properly and a bunion formed within a year of injury. After many years of pain in April 2000 I had reconstructive surgery for a bunion, bunionette, and arch. I was 2 1/2 months of non to light weight bearing. Aug. & Dec. were surgeries #2 & #3 for hardware removal for 2 pins from the 5th toe & 3 screws in my arch. All were general anethesesia. I spent all of 2001 getting to 90% recovery. In early summer 2002 I started getting horrible pain. After going through weeks of denial I sought help from a DPM this time & not from an orthopodist. I spent that summer in & out of casts & having injections w/no relief. At rest the pain was a level 10. The DPM performed surgery #4 Sept 2002. In my R foot he found a severe internal infection, a diseased outer sesamoid bone which was removed, a gigantic Morton's Neuroma, repaired 2 dropped metatarsal heads on toes 2 & 3, and permanently cut the tendons on toes 2,3,4 because of hammertoes. I was 4 months this time non to light weight bearing and 3 mos of PT. In the summer of 2003 while becoming apparatus free something wasn't feeling right again. Toes 3 & 5 were clawing after already having been reconstructed. The DPM sent me to another DPM for a second opinion who sent me to neuorologist who did an EMG & MRI of my R ft & lower back. They were looking for RSD or TTS. Both the EMG & the MRI showed I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. After cortisone injection in my back & tests injections for RSD there has been no relief of pain in my foot. The tests concluded I have very little RSD & no further injections are necessary. The tests also showed I have a weakened foot pulse & impressively low tempature. Now in the summer 2004 my foot is swelling considerably & beginning to turn bluish/purple when standing. I haven't seen the DPM in 2 mos now because he wasn't doing anything for me except adjust the orthotics. All the DRs have stated I have little fresh tissue left for any major surgery. The DPM reported he could reconstruct toe 5 & TTS surgery when ready but that's it. I don't know if 'ready' is here yet. I'm traumatized of having been on crutches off/on for 3 yrs and the DRs saying one thing before surgery and singing a different tune after surgery. Please help me w/any insight to this maze. I'm an avid hiker and all this is seriously cramping my hiking/walking goals and enjoyment. Thank you.

Re: Chronic Foot Pain

Darlene on 8/06/04 at 11:58 (157074)


What a horrible ordeal you've been through! You've endured so much physical pain, and equally important so much mental pain.

I'm not a doctor, but from what I've read on the board, if you are considering another surgery go to 'the best.' Other people have reported that Dr. Dellon in Baltimore is the best for tarsal tunnel surgery. What did the MRI say was causing the TTS? I phoned the MRI radiologist directly and got clearer answers from her than the treating doctor. You may want to try that. Also, if you haven't been to a doctor in 2 months and you are experiencing the swelling and colour change in your foot, you really should get to a doctor (either foot/ankle or pain clinic doctor) asap.

Where are you located? Some people on the board may know of good doctors in your area.

Re: Chronic Foot Pain

Roflmao on 8/06/04 at 14:43 (157078)

Get into your car drive to the clinic go get more ex-rays and spend a few bucks. Face the facts once you mess up a knee or ankle it,s a life-time problem. You will be sent from one foot docter to another, and the problem will not go away. But there is good news out on all of this I JUST SAVE A BUNCH OF MONEY ON MY CAR INSURANCE BY SWITCHING TO CIEGO

Re: Chronic Foot Pain

Barbara D on 8/07/04 at 10:02 (157135)

Darlene, thanks for you response. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Going to Baltimore in not in the realm of possiblity for me. The best anyone can figure out is the TTS was caused by the previous surgeries. I can recall since my first surgery I have not been able to sleep on either side w/o having numbness or shape pain within 10-20 of rolling over. DR said it probably has been going on for 4 yrs now. The radiologist reading the x-rays was in another part of the country or out of country. It's today's techinology.

Re: Chronic Foot Pain

Barbara D on 8/07/04 at 10:13 (157136)

Since I'm unable to driver Rfooted I just may have to switch to GEICO. Thanks