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heel pain

Posted by Jme on 8/06/04 at 16:12 (157091)

hi ijust graduated nursing school...therefore i was on the couch studying almost all day. About 6 months ago while working as anursing assistant my heels began to hurt terribly when i was on my feet for a long time. it occurs after about one hour of being on my feet and gets worse as i continue standing and walking. the pain gets almost unbearable. It doesn't hurt after im sitting for a while but after i get up it hurts again. now im a new nurse in an intensive care unit and i do alot of standing...the pain has not gone away. i thought i was just from not being on my feet for long periods of time but now im starting to think i need to see a dr. its not normal and i cant take it anymore. im 21 yrs old just starting my career please help...thanks...Jme