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Posted by christyw on 8/07/04 at 02:08 (157129)

I have had Plantar Fasciitis now for about 2 years in my left foot and almost 1 year in my right. I have tried Celebrex, Night Splints, Stretching, Cortisone shots, Physical Therapy and also different shoes. My doctor now recomends surgery. He wants to do the Shock Wave Therapy on my feet. The problem is that I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my insurance to decide if it is going to pay for it. I could be denied. That is 4-6 more weeks of pain. I have heard some good things about SWT but also some bad. I have heard it has short term success rates. If anyone has had this surgery or an EPF please let me know all of the details as far as what to expect and how your surgeries went.


Re: surgery

walter on 8/09/04 at 19:26 (157309)

I had partial release of PF on my R foot done oct 31, 2003. For Surgury I had a local administered but when I felt them touching my foot they knocked me out with an injection to my I.V. The next thing I was told was,' your all done wake up.' It felt less than a second. I was moved to the recovery area then to a cube / semi private area with in a hour. They wouldn't let me leave with out first a drink and going pee. They said for me to walk to the bathroom but instead I hobbled. That was painful as where the next 3 days trying to go to the bathroom. My advice, stay off the foot for 3 solid days, ice often and get your presciption pain killer filled before surgury. I had vicodine 750mg but wished for at least the first night it was purcosetts (spelling). I was out of work for 2month or until Jan 2, 2004. I was walking heel to toe ok after 5 weeks which I could not do before surgury. Because of my job (on my feet all day) the doc felt it best for me to stay out for the 2 months. It's now August 9th and my foot is still healing, feet will heal slow because of the nature of there use. doc told me about 6 month to a year for complete heeling but since my left foot is having the same issue it will be a lot longer since I'm leaning on my right more and more. I also had Physical theropy 4wks after surgury. They used ultrasound, deep massage, and Ionotophoresis (it's listed on the second page of the book on this web sit). Ionotophoresisis a small box that emitts electrical signals through your foot through two pads one on the bottom of your foot and one by your calf. It works with different solutions but for me they used cortison gell that gets pulled into the heel. (it doesnot hurt). My other big advice is rest and keep streching and strengthening. Now my left heel is hurting and I started PT july 22nd and it just keeps getting worse. I will NOT do CORTISONE SHOTS, OOUUCH. I don't care if the doc uses a such and such small millimeter needle with anesthesia. It's long and it hurts plus when the solution goes into my foot It's very hard to walk or stand for any length of time,I stand alot on the job for the day. It did not help for the short or long term. :-)) I'm happy with my surgury and cannot wait to have my left done. But heeling is long. I highly suggest PT asap if not before it will help lesson the pain.

Re: surgery

christyw on 8/09/04 at 23:18 (157342)

Thanks alot for the advice. I will let you know how the surgery goes.