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Question for Docs

Posted by Kay on 8/07/04 at 20:27 (157181)

To your knowledge has anyone ever tried botox injections in the arch for relief of plantar fasciitis? I've had two surgeries with no relief. I was reading about how they are using botox for tender points for fibromyalgia, and I know they used it in cosmetic for brow lines. If it can paralyze the muscles why not inject it in the arches just in front of the heel....I'd let them experiment on me. Paralyzed muscles for six months sounds good to me.

Re: Question for Docs

Pauline on 8/07/04 at 21:24 (157184)

Certainly an interesting concept, but I think the biggest draw back would depend on the amount of lost of sensation in muscles and nerves and would that be enough to throw off your ability to balance or walk?

They certainly have come up with several ways to use a medication that at one time wasn't thought of very highly.