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heel spurs

Posted by Sherry on 8/07/04 at 22:12 (157187)

I have plantar fac. in my rt foot. I have had it for one and a half years, since knee surgery to my right knee - meniscus trim. I have a heel spur. How so I know the heel spur is not causing the pain that does not go away?

Thanks, Sherry

Re: heel spurs

Greg on 8/09/04 at 02:04 (157238)

My Son is 9 years old and plays baseball and tackle football. After a year of off & on heel pain in his right foot, he recently began football conditioning without any pain in his heel. After the 3rd day, he complained of such a severe pain to the bottom and outer side of his left heel. In so much that he could barely walk. 4 days have passed and he still has the pain. I bought him Heel Spur pad shoe inserts and that seems to have eliminated the pain at the bottom of his foot. However, the pain on the side of the heel still persists. Is there a pad or method of wrapping that can be utilized to lessen the pain to the side of the heel? I took him to get his foot x-ray and am waiting for the results.

Re: heel spurs

Lori S. on 8/14/04 at 02:11 (157812)

My son has similar problems ... I would suggest seeing a foot doc. It could be due to swelling of the growth plate in his heel. Very common in children. He may need orthotics/ heel lift.... need to see a doc. I am not a doc.... just giving my two cents...
best wishes,