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haglund's deformity

Posted by gordong on 8/08/04 at 15:07 (157209)

I'm trying to find out if eswt has been used for Pump bump and if so with what success.I've asked this question to a few clinics but none of them have given me an answer.treatment sounds like it could be used but I'm not the doc just looking for an alternative to surgery as i'm a runner and dont want to be off my feet for months cheers gg

Re: haglund's deformity

Dr. Z on 8/08/04 at 16:47 (157213)


ESWT isn't used for any type of boney deformity such as pump bump. It is used for insertional achilles tendinosis. Make sure that is what you have . Bump pumps usually will stop hurting when the shoe is cut out and there is no shoe pressure against the deformity. AT hurts when you sit for any length of time and then try to walk. With an examination I could determine this in ten seconds

Re: haglund's deformity

gordong on 8/09/04 at 06:25 (157240)

hi there thanks for the reply.I havn't been diagnosed yet I am recieving ultrasound for painful achilles in both feet physio tells me there is nothing she can do for the growth at the back of my heels. Cutting out the back of my shoes has given me some relief as have felt cut outs like a doughnut. But I do have pain when I start to move after being stationary for a while. I have to stretch my achilles before getting out of bed in morning as i find it difficult to walk and I must come down stairs sideways. I tried resting for a few months but the problem is still there. After running for a few miles it eases slightly but I feel it more painful if i push off my toes.Bumps in back of heel feel hard and painful.

Re: haglund's deformity

Dr. Z on 8/09/04 at 13:19 (157264)

This is insertional achilles tendinosis. We have used ESWT for cases just like this with very effective pain resolution.