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pleased with results!

Posted by MonikaA on 8/08/04 at 16:31 (157212)

Hi there. I had eswt 9 weeks ago and my heel feels better than it has in over a year. The most encouraging thing is that it continues to improve. I think that along with making sure I wear supportive shoes all the time (birks), I have had a positive result. Not yet 100%, but getting closer and closer all the time. Just thought I'd post, since we don't always hear the positive side. good luck to everyone!

Re: pleased with results!

Dr. Z on 8/08/04 at 16:48 (157214)

Glad to hear you are doing so well.

Re: pleased with results!

Tina H on 8/08/04 at 20:59 (157227)

Monika- Just curious, how long after the EWST did it take for you to have improvement? It's been almost 4 weeks for me and I'm still waiting. Thanks for the encouragement. Tina

Re: Rotator cuff tear

WILBUR W on 8/08/04 at 21:22 (157228)

Will ESWT alleviate pain from 'complete tear of rotator cuff ' in my shoulder
I am 82 and do not want surgery.

Dr. Wilbur M. Wishner

Re: Rotator cuff tear

Dr. Z on 8/08/04 at 21:53 (157232)

It the tendon and or joint capsule is completely torn ESWT won't help you. Now if the tendon has been torn and just hasn't healed completely ESWT could help you. ESWT is indicated at the tendon bone junction where there is poor healing. There is an excellent article printed in the AMA journal. IF you would like to read this just e-mail at (email removed) and I will send it to you. You can also search the web for this article.

Re: pleased with results!

MonikaA on 8/09/04 at 10:01 (157249)

Hi Tina. I would say that I felt somewhat better at four weeks, much better at 8. I am really encouraged, as is my podiatrist, that in the next month or so I should be 100%. I cannot tell you how relieved I am! Good luck to you.
I know that I was only about 50% better at four weeks, and if I did too much activity, I really felt the pain. At 4 weeks, though, I wasn't feeling the morning pain as much and that gave me hope. I haven't done anything but simple stretching and wearing supportive shoes constantly (even in the shower!) . Hope that helps.

Re: pleased with results!

DavidW on 8/09/04 at 10:16 (157250)

MonikaA, where did you get your ESWT done and what type was it?

Re: pleased with results!

Tina H on 8/09/04 at 19:20 (157307)

Thanks Monika- I must say the morning pain, those first steps out of bed is greatly improved for me, but I still have so much pain during the day. It seems as if I get maybe an hour relatively pain free in the morning but by noon the pain is back full force. So I'm just continuing the regiment of taping, orthotics, good shoes, stretching etc.! Thanks for your good news, though, it gives me hope!

Re: pleased with results!

MonikaA on 8/09/04 at 22:39 (157340)

David, I received the ossatron eswt treatment in the Kansas City area.

Re: pleased with results!

Ferreri on 8/14/04 at 02:40 (157814)


Did your Dr. ask you to wear orthotics after the ESWT? Did you have any medication or do any therapy?

Mine was done in May and I just feel my right heel sore.