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Post EPF - this has helped me

Posted by Ellen D on 8/09/04 at 10:42 (157251)

I just thought I'd share something that seemed to help me after EPF (17 months ago). Up until 2 or 3 months ago, I was having discomfort after sitting for a while (not in the heel, but in various other places: arch, outside of foot, etc). But, I have discovered that when I sit, if I keep the EPF foot on the ground (vs. elevated when you cross your legs/knees), then I don't seem to have the discomfort when I get up, move around, sit again, get up etc. I don't know if there is any medical reason for this improvement (maybe it's nothing more than 2-3 more months elapsed since the EPF), but it has been noticeable and I'm much more comfortable throughout the day if I just keep this foot planted on the ground whenever I sit down. I was really getting concerned that EPF wasn't successful for me, but this has made a difference. I'm also able to walk, do step aerobics, etc, so things are looking up.