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How much does ESWT cost?

Posted by MelissaS on 8/09/04 at 13:35 (157271)

My ins denied ESWT. I've called around and nobody will give me a price unless I come in for a consultation. I don't want to come in without knowing what I have to pay. Does anyone know a price range of what I would be looking at? I need it on both feet.

Re: How much does ESWT cost?

Dr. Z on 8/09/04 at 13:40 (157272)


Anywhere from $3500 to $10,000 depending about the place of service, doctor, and type of machine

Re: to; Melissa Re: How much does ESWT cost?

MARK L on 8/09/04 at 20:47 (157324)

High energy ESWT is avaiable for a lot less than you think depending on where you are.
e-mail me @ <(email removed)> and I'll try to help you.

Re: to; Melissa Re: How much does ESWT cost?

Pauline on 8/10/04 at 13:59 (157397)

I think the information you intend to provide can be very helpful to many people wanting to try ESWT because it will keep their costs way down.
Why it has to appear to be secretive information that can't be posted
outright makes it appear underhanded and as Scott suggests a scam.

I don't think that is your intention so why not just post the information? I believe Dr. Ed did this once without the sky falling on top of anyone. Exactly what is the big fear about posting your information? I just don't get it.

If the company is doing it, and it's possible to secure treatment this way tell the world and let the company decide what to do about the increase in business.

Re: to; Melissa Re: How much does ESWT cost?

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/10/04 at 14:39 (157408)


I think Mark will provide the information via email. I don't think we want to get into a bidding situation or 'price war' on the site. The 'search' feature can be used to get more information too.

There are some things beyond price to consider like the experience of the provider. I have seen ESWT work less well than expected when applied in a suboptimal manner. I believe in both high and low energy ESWT and low energy can be less expensive and is available in the US via Sonorex, http://www.sonorex.com and in Canada which has the advantage of lower overhead (less liability, regulation....), not to mention the exchange rate which is favorable to US citizens.

My email is (email removed) and prefer to discuss fees off the board.

Re: How much does ESWT cost?

christyw on 8/10/04 at 22:12 (157467)

I am waiting on my insurance to approve ESWT. I have a 4-6 week wait. Do you mind me asking what insurance company you have?
I still could get denied after waiting the 4-6 weeks. This would help me make a decision on having ESWT or EPF. I have been off work already for 6 weeks

Re: How much does ESWT cost?

Dr. Z on 8/10/04 at 22:32 (157468)


Why does it take six weeks to get insurance approval?. This should be one or two days at the most. Eitherthey cover this or they don't. There are specific criteria that you need to meet to qualify for approval, but the actual coverage is either there or its not. The standard code for ESWT is 0020T . Just ask you insurance company if they cover 0020T. It doesn't take six week for them to bill you for a premium.

Re: How much does ESWT cost?

christyw on 8/11/04 at 11:53 (157527)

Thank You!!!
That is what my doctor said that the insurance said. Everytime I call the insurance they will not give me an answer. They say that they have to review the letter of recomendation sent in by my doctor. I have had alot of trouble with my insurance as far as pre-existing. I have switched jobs and they don't want to pay for anything because I have had PF for 2 years now. What is your opinion on ESWT and EPF? which is better? I have read alot of bad things about both.


Re: How much does ESWT cost?

MelissaS on 8/13/04 at 17:01 (157779)

I have Blue Cross of California. I called them today and they are now telling me it is still pending. My Dr. put in the request in Jan. I filed a grievance today and they said it will take 30 days. I am having so many problems with my ins co. Hope you don't have as hard of a time.

Re: How much does ESWT cost?

christyw on 8/13/04 at 18:37 (157785)

I have had a horrible time with mine. That is why I have chose surgery. I called them today and they said 30 days. Then there is a chance that they won't pay for ESWT. I have Cigna. That is crazy. I thought that is why we had insurance and paid such high prices for it. Good Luck

Re: How much does ESWT cost?

Heather on 8/14/04 at 15:18 (157866)

This is just my experience with costs, but I thought I would share it.

I initially was denied for ESWT through Humama. It took several months to get the denial.

I spoke directly with Ossatron and my doctor and was quoted approx 6k for both feet. (This was the 'discounted' fee they give for insurance that doesnt cover it)

From my understanding there are 3 costs involved:
doctor fee
anesthesiologist fee
ossatron fee (equipment use and facility use fee)

There are some companies that regularly pay for it, such as united. My husband had united insurance through his work and so we waited for the next 'enrollment date'. After enrolled, it took less than a week for insurance approval. Even though it was 'covered' , by the time I paid the deductible and 20% co-insurance to the doctor, anesthesiologist, and ossatron it came to about 2800. A word of caution, all 3 tried to get me the pay the deductible to them, so be careful. Apparently, whoever gets the charge into the insurance company first keeps the dedcutible, so they all wanted to get it in first.

I hope I am not being tacky by discussing $ in detail.

Re: How much does ESWT cost?

Dr. Z on 8/14/04 at 15:36 (157872)


United Healthcare is the largest insurance company in the USA. It is amazing how they know how to handle ESWT pre-certification, payment. They do this quikcly. I vote that everyone change to United Healthcare.
Maybe then other insurance companies would stop playing this holding back of services routine