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Posted by Dorothy on 8/09/04 at 19:54 (157313)

Hey Marie -

I was just messing around, wasting time and thought I'd try to find the exact title of the cookbook I mentioned to you (Help! My Apartment Has a Stove in It!) and apparently the book was called Help! My Apartment Has A Kitchen In It! and I couldn't find it - but I did find a new cookbook with that title plus some other similar ones. A short list follows. You know, though, I think a good, basic cookbook like Better Homes & Gardens red/white checked cover; Betty Crocker; Joy of Cooking; Fannie Farmer...ones like that are great for beginner and veteran alike. Or maybe a subscription to a good cooking magazine - Cook's Illustrated is good for instruction. Anyway, list follows:

Where's Mom Now That I Need Her?: Surviving Away from Home
by Kent P. Frandsen

Where's Dad Now That I Need Him? Surviving Away from Home
by Betty R. Frandsen

The Healthy College Cookbook: Quick, Cheap, Easy
by Alexandra Nimetz, Jason Stanley, Emeline Starr

Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen Cookbook : 100+ Great Recipes with Foolproof Instructions
by Kevin Mills, Nancy Mills

The Starving Students' Cookbook
by Dede Hall

A Man, a Can, a Plan : 50 Great Guy Meals Even You Can Make!
by David Joachim

Dude Food: Recipes for the Modern Guy
by Karen Brooks, Gideon Bosker, Reed Darmon


marie on 8/09/04 at 21:21 (157332)

Dorothy that's a great list. Thanks so much! We did find some old cookbooks I had stuck away for him but those will be so much better.

Thanks..I have my list and we'll head to Barnes and Noble. :)