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Lost Messages

Posted by MARK L on 8/10/04 at 07:54 (157362)

If anybody e-mailed me @ <(email removed)> for information and didn't get a quick reply please resend the message. I lost 2 messages before I could read them.

Re: Lost Messages

Scott R on 8/10/04 at 11:35 (157375)

Why are you asking people to email you? Usually it's a sign of a scam or something illegal when someone requests others to email them but they don't say in the message board what it's about.

Re: Lost Messages

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/10/04 at 14:57 (157410)

Scott R:
I think it has to do with fee discussions. I think that it is best to avoid a 'price war' or bidding for services on this board. There is a lot to consider -- experience of the provider, low vs. high energy, US vs. Canadian providers, the legal issues surrounding 'discounting' mechanisms.
If so motivated, the site's 'search' feature will reveal much of the information. It is best, I think to focus the board on the advantages/disadvantages of ESWT, comparative treatments -- the 'scientific' stuff, etc. The issues of fee structure are volatile and there are legal grey zones that are difficult to accurately make statements about. Insurance contract law is also tricky.

I do take the time and encourage patients to seek coverage from their insurance plans, utilizing the appeals process including their state's insurance commissioner as I feel that it is critical that we move decision making back into the hand of patients. I invite anyone who has written successful letters of appeal or who knows of a means to secure coverage to share that information, not just for ESWT but for any needed treatment. Eventually, one day, we will have a patient 'bill of rights.'