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heel pain

Posted by karen on 8/10/04 at 10:09 (157371)

For the last 8 months i have had varying degrees of pain in the right heel. It is on the right side of the heel. I have been to an orthorpedic doctor for this condition, however the pain has never totally gone away. At this moment it is at its worst. At the doctors recommendation, i have worn a boot to keep my weight off it, I have been to therapy at least 18 times, I have been on Celebrex ( 2 a day for about 6 months), i have used ice, and bought the shoes that he suggested. Help--what can i do now. I am still in pain!!

Re: heel pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/10/04 at 14:26 (157403)

Please read Scott's Heel Pain Book so you can see what other options exist for your heel pain. Consider seeing a podiatrist (foot specialist) who may be more likely to provide you with more comprehensive treatment for the problem. See http://www.acfas.org