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would thank advise from experienced people

Posted by z.g on 8/10/04 at 13:46 (157395)

ive been having serious pain in my right foot over the last year
believe it or not it all started after i stepped over a wasp, barefoot...
i have pain all over my arch, in the 'middle' of the foot, 3 months ago i started having pain around the heel, in the inner side of the foot, (like in the area pointed in the image on this site home page)
by all syptoms, it looks like i have pf, although, my strongest pains are not in the morning, but after physical activity (walking :-) ). the thing that characterize my problem the most is when im stepping on the foot, i feel like im stepping on a stick, stucked between my heel and toes, does anyone feel like this too ?
to be honest, i got into a depression lately, im 27 and a 'sports maniac'
i used to train 6 times a week before i got injured, and for the last year i didnt train at all, i feel like a door mat :-(
i also cannot do many other activities (outdoor,dancing etc ..)

is it possible to recover from this nightmare ?
does it end ?

i would thank you a lot if you can give me some optimizem ...

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

Place on 8/10/04 at 14:38 (157407)

Hey... I know how you feel I was in the same boat. I got very depressed and it was also hard on my husband becuase he had to pick up the slack. Age 28 and I love sports, it is all I do during my free time. Most of the people on this board do not have typical morning pain but have it after they spend time on there feet doing activity as little as standing to walking/running. I have tried everything in the past even the two types of surgery for PF. Many people have found success with different methods (complete rest, ART, surgery) but The only thing I have found relief from is a type of massage TFM that breaks down the scar tissue in the PF. There has been a lot of postings on this issue lately so finding information on this topic should be easy on this message board! Good luck!

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

z.g on 8/10/04 at 15:03 (157412)

thanks for the reply
i didnt understand from your post how much time did you suffer from it
and if you completly recovered (i understand you didnt ?)

are there cases of people that recovered from pf ?
is there some kind of statistic on % of recovery ?
i just cant imagine myself living like that for years ...

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

Place on 8/10/04 at 16:24 (157424)

I have had it for over 2 years and in the process of recovery. I think with typical treatment that takes care of 95% of all cases of PF but for the rest of us 5% the solution may be different for each of us.

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

Cyndi on 8/10/04 at 19:38 (157453)


My very first symptom that I mentioned to folks at work was that I felt like I was wearing stretch pants with the fabric under your arch that were way to little. A real pulling tight feeling It ached between my toes and heel and No first morning pain. I stood all day and it just got worse and worse as the day passed till I now cannot work at all. Then as it got worse, it felt like I was standing on broken glass and I could not walk with a normal gait. I could barely move, I guess I still shuffle around the house and I get a wheel cart when I go anywhere which is not often. Bless Wal-mart for having them available to us.

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

Linda V. on 8/11/04 at 06:55 (157486)

if you have had pain for more than 3 months...i would suggest you see a doctor who specializes in foot care (a podiatrist). until you are diagnosed properly and get a plan for treatment started, you are just playing guessing games, and possibly doing more damage that will make your recovery slower.
my problem started in february. my heel felt as if i jumped out a tree and landed just on one heel. its better than it was, but it is still painful many days..especially first thing in the morning.
we all get DOWN at times. myself, i tear up a few times a week thinking of all i am missing. i was always an avid walker and active person. now, shopping can be a challenge.
this web site if crammed full of nice people who will support you and guide you...BUT..hook yourself up with a GOOD medical person.

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

z.g on 8/11/04 at 10:20 (157507)

my case is a little different
as i said earlier, it all began after i stepped over a wasp (it was actually a 'mail' hornet) anyway, in the first 3 months i had pain in the front area of my foot, near the end of the arch towords the toes, the doctors i saw suspected morton's neuiroma, but it didnt show in any check including mri, bone scan, ultra sound and more ... after ~7 months of pain, i started having pains in the inner side of the foot near the heel, but only after 7 months !
until then i always had a feeling like im stepping over a stick (between my heel and toes) when i stepped on my foot, and i feel that until now.
now my major pain is all over the facsiitis... more pain is in the lower part towords the heel .... it is possible to say i didnt do any thing helpful until today (for almost a year :-( ) because i wasnt diagnosed correctly ....
well, if you read until here i admire you ...
i would be glad to hear your opinion ...

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

HelenEC on 8/11/04 at 16:57 (157588)

z.g - the problem with feet is that they consist of loads of little bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves and stuff, all connected together by complicated hinges and attachments. The sort of thing that could happen is after you were stung by a hornet (very painful) it caused all the tissues in the area to swell and maybe the ligaments that go fore and aft on the foot to tighten up (hence the stepping on a stick feeling). You walk on it with a different gait, start putting pressure on a muscle or tendon on the outside of the foot that doesn't expect it, so that starts to protest. In an effort to avoid that hurting, you start to pronate (roll the ankle inwards) to protect the outside of the foot. This damages the band of muscle that runs around your foot, and makes your achilles tendon pull, which pulls on the attachment where the plantar fascia also attaches, which causes the heel pain......and so on. The symptoms keep changing because you are progressively damaging more of your foot with every hobble.

By now you might need any number of things, but reading Scott's heel pain book would be a good start as he has lots of tips for working with and understanding the problem.

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

z.g on 8/12/04 at 11:23 (157687)

Helen, your description seems to be what happend ...
can i consider my problem as 'plantra facsiitis' or is it something else (i know the exact 'term' is not critical but still i would like to know...)

Re: would thank advise from experienced people

HelenEC on 8/13/04 at 16:01 (157774)

Not being a doctor I wouldn't like to say whether there is just one term for it. Plantar fasciitis just means the sole of your foot is inflamed or irritated anyway.