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Posted by AndreaR on 8/10/04 at 15:08 (157413)

How can you find someone who is trained in TFM in your area? I live in Madison, WI. Andrea


John from MN on 8/10/04 at 15:46 (157417)

You are only a 3 hour drive away from the best Doctor I know who does TFM, Dr. Sandell. I would see him first, then you know what to expect. Then find someone in your area who does treatment simular to Dr. Sandell.


Place on 8/10/04 at 16:27 (157426)

Wow 3 hours from Dr. Sandell! I currently drive 12 hours to see him. I would check him out and then you will know what to look for in Madison. It will totally be worth the drive!

Re: TFM and Dr. Sandell

Linda V. on 8/11/04 at 06:57 (157487)

hi. what is it that dr. sandell does that makes him sound SO great? anyone know any good docs or treatment places in the new england area?