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Haglunds Deformity, Heel Spur Surgery

Posted by Donna W. on 8/11/04 at 14:56 (157574)

I have haglunds deformity and a small heel spur sticking out of the back of my heel. This is causing a lot of pain because it's rubbing against the achilles tendon.

I'm having surger to get the deformity removed as well as the heel spur. The doctor said that, worst case scenario, if she has to reconstruct the achilles tendon, I'll be in a hard cast for 6-8 weeks.

She wanted me to take a month off work. There's no way I can do that. I'm a programmer so I sit all day. I can put my foot up during the day and luckily it's my left foot so I can drive.

I get severe migraines. Will it really be that bad after surgery? I can deal with the cast, but, a whole month off work? Why?

Re: Haglunds Deformity, Heel Spur Surgery

Donna W. on 8/11/04 at 15:05 (157576)

I mention the migraines because she asked me about my tolerance for pain.

Re: Haglunds Deformity, Heel Spur Surgery

Dr. Z on 8/11/04 at 19:34 (157604)

After the cast if off you will have to rehab the foot and ankle for months. This isn't a easy to get better procedure. Takes up to one year for healing. We use ESWT for this condition