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Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Posted by Mike M on 8/12/04 at 08:56 (157661)

Are you still recovering, receiving treatment from Dr Sandell ?

Do we know how many people he is treating off this site ? I thiunk it's 3 ?

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Place on 8/12/04 at 17:03 (157708)

I have been back home for the last two weeks. I had a little set back at the begining of the week. Saturday, I mowed the lawn, cleaned the house (even mopped!) and then went to my home town's Irish Festival(most of the time standing room only to see the great bands). Toward the end of the night the back of my feet were hurting. Over the next few days this lovely grizzle patch showed up on the bottom of my foot. I have been going to my Cleveland Doc, who does Graston and she has gotten me back on track. She has also been wonderful at getting rid of my calf muscle ache. I have not ran since I was in MN becuase of my ankle situation, but will limp through an hour walk every other day. The Graston Doc is also taking care of my ankle too and I am seeing some improvements!

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Mike M on 8/12/04 at 18:48 (157714)

I guess you've got to expect a setback after little activity before. You certainly had a busy Saturday ! Is your ankle connected with the pf ? Other than last Saturday are you pretty much back to normal ? Are you going back to Dr S ? Questions, questions !

Finally whats a 'grizzle patch' ?

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

John from MN on 8/12/04 at 18:57 (157716)


I encountered the same thing. Dr. Sandell was trying to find my exercise threshold and I ran too far one day and I started feeling pain. He said its all part of treatment so do let it get you down. From that point on he gauaged my daily running schedule based upon my running level.

Do not worry Place, its all part of treatment.

Re: John from MN

Mike M on 8/12/04 at 19:18 (157718)

Are you still doing well John ? Still seeing Dr S as often. Bet it's great being able to walk again !

Re: John from MN

John from MN on 8/12/04 at 21:37 (157731)

Dude, I can't tell you how great it is. I have some back issues he is helping me with but other than that my life is getting back to normal. I can't wait to run 6 miles every morning.

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Place on 8/12/04 at 21:46 (157732)

Hey Mike,
I plan on going back to see Dr. Sandell for some more treatment. I have gotten so far, I would hate to quit when I am so close to having all of my life back. I think I injured my ankle or at least noticed it after I ran for the third/fourth time. Maybe my feet were more ready to run than the rest of my body. As far as being back to normal, I still have caution when it comes to doing my full day activity, Saturday was the first day I really cut loose and did what I wanted to do independent of consequence. In addition, I kind of backed off of the icing at the beginning of this week and I think that why I got an increase in scar tissue (grizzle patch), but who knows!

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Place on 8/12/04 at 21:51 (157733)

Hey John, thanks for words of wisdom!

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

goose on 8/13/04 at 07:57 (157743)

I'm doing well! I am still going for treatment twice a week (I have had 15 treatments on my right foot and 13 on my left) but can now walk over 5 miles and run 3. I will run 4 this Sunday if I can take it - I'm still getting back into shape. I haven been really lucky... no flare ups. My shin splints seem much better and the rest of me is okay. I am no longer wearing orthodics and am going barefoot at home and wearing flip flops out too. Sometimes my feet get a little achy after a long day but are always better in the morning. The tissue in my foot has truly changed from being hard & bumpy to squishy & smooth (or 'meaty' as mr. goose says) which is why I feel confident this change is permanent. I am thrilled!


Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Elyse B on 8/13/04 at 09:06 (157744)

that is so great!!!! I am very happy for both Goose and Place. I went out running last night. Starting over is so difficult after 5 months after. I am doing a run/walk program to prevent injury and building up endurance,

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Place on 8/13/04 at 11:08 (157750)

Hey Elyse!
I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. Do you think it was the graston that helped you? Are you still seeing your graston doc?

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Elyse B on 8/13/04 at 11:10 (157753)

I think I am doing well. I am not sure what helped me, but I think it was mostly time because I certainly did not have any more than maybe 5 treatments with it. I am no longer seeing Graston doc. Just starting slow and hoping that I don't re-injure myself. Great news about you!!!

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

BLT on 8/14/04 at 08:52 (157825)

'I think that why I got an increase in scar tissue (grizzle patch),'

How do you know you have an increase in scar tissue?

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

Cyndi T. on 8/14/04 at 10:09 (157835)

Glad to hear that you are better, Elyse! What kind of orthotics are you wearing in your running shoes?

Re: Place or Goose Re: Dr Sandell

elyse b on 8/15/04 at 11:32 (157965)

well I am wearing what the pedorthist made. They are really soft and I am not sure they are very good. They are the complete opposite of every orthotic I have ever had before. The last podiatrist I saw said they were 'junk' because they were not supportive. Go figure. I will see how they do as I start to increase my mileage as I am starting running from scratch after being out for 5 months.