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Loss of Height

Posted by john h on 8/13/04 at 11:10 (157752)

As you know women must be keenly aware of Osteoporosis. There are various effective drugs on the market to help you reduce bone loss. You and your Doctor should work that out. It is widely known that weight bearing exercises help reduce bone loss. My wife takes several suppliments and one drug to help reduce bone loss. She also swims three days a week. It is normal to lose height as we age. It is a gravity thing. Unfortunately it also works the same way with our stomach. My wife has osteoarthritis so she also sees a Rehumatologist who prescribes a bone loss drug. Of course consider Vitimin D and Calcium (they work together). Have you had a bone density test. They are fast and inexpensive. I think the medical community may recommend these every few years after age 50 or earlier if you suspect an bone loss. You are young enough to handle this problem if you get the proper help. You sure do not need a broken hip which is often the result of bone loss.Having been a workout fanatic for most of my life my bone density is great but age has worked its thing on my disc.

Re: Loss of Height

Julie on 8/13/04 at 11:50 (157756)

Good overall advice, John, but have you read the post I made yesterday for Dorothy? It's not necessarily normal to lose height as we age, though most people do. With correct stretching, with regular movement of the spine in all the ways in which it's capable of moving (flexion, extension, lateral and rotation) the worst effects of gravity can be overcome, and compression and degeneration of the discs can be to a very great extent avoided. This is rather different from working out, and I'm going to tease you now: maybe it really is time for you to start yoga, which you've threatened several times. Of course such a routine is preferably begun at a fairly early age :).

Osteoporosis will also cause height loss, and that can happen even to those who practise yoga but good diet, the right supplements, and weight-bearing exercise, as you point out, will help to avoid it.

Re: Loss of Height

Dorothy on 8/13/04 at 12:24 (157758)

Julie -
I didn't see the post you made yesterday for Dorothy! So I'm searching for it now...and am eager to read it. Don't know how I missed that, especially since I am looking for information. Thanks (in advance..)