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treatment for loss of heel fat pad

Posted by johng on 8/13/04 at 18:22 (157782)

Are there any effective surgicial proceedures for the permanent loss of the heel fat pad?

Possible collegin (spelling ???) injections???

Re: treatment for loss of heel fat pad

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/13/04 at 18:53 (157789)

Collagen works but the type used in the foot, to the best of my knowledge is no longer on the market. This is a denser grade of collagen than the one used for wrinkles.

Sol Balkin, DPM of Glendale, CA is in the process of doing a study on silicone injections used to replace loss of soft tissue. I beleive the company that manufactures the product is from the United Kingdom. The study is not ready for publishing yet but I have been told that he is getting good results to date.

Finally, a simple option is use of heel cups. The old fashioned thin plastic heel cups made by M-F are around and the way they work is to push the fat around the heel bone back underneath the heel bone and hold it there. They are inexpensive and get them from podiatry supply houses so you may need to contact a podiatrist to get them -- they are very inexpensive. M-F, also sells, I believe, to athletic trainors.