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Re inversion and other exercise

Posted by Dorothy on 8/13/04 at 18:51 (157788)

There has been some discussion recently about inversion. There is also often discussion about how to get good exercise when trying to avoid weight-bearing exercise on the feet. Swimming is often recommended (and I love to swim) but it is not great for weight resistance and bone health. I don't know if anyone here has tried the Total Gym products but I would recommend them. I have no idea about the model that they sell on their infomercials, but I have used different models in Physical Therapy in the past and those are sturdier and more versatile. You can get good aerobic exercise, and obviously excellent weight-resistance. You can also use them for inversion, although not totally vertically as an inversion table does, but certainly inverted enough for the decompression to occur. Their sturdier models have add-ons that are great so you can get the Pilates machine-type equipment to add on or extra weights, etc. But the newest thing they have now is a wheel that adds on to make the unit into a recumbent bike type machine. I have not seen or used those add-ons but they look very good. You could do the recumbent in a prone position which would be totally non weight-bearing. I am interested in this, but the budget won't allow it until some saving has occurred! The Total Gym was on sale for half-price the last time I looked at their website (www.totalgym.com) which is a great savings, plus free shipping. Depending on your circumstances, it can still be expensive...but it seems to me that it would be a good thing to save for, if at all possible. We bought one a few years ago to do PT at home and have never regretted it. We just have the basic unit, no Pilates or anything like that, but I am interested in this new wheel. It's a great machine. My husband, who is very fit, does this and Nordic Trac faithfully. He loves the Total Gym. Ok, I am sounding like Christy Brinkley and Chuck Norris (hmmmmm- which one do I look like?? :-) Just some info. you might want to check out if space and budget allow.

Re: The total gym looks good...

Darlene on 8/13/04 at 23:30 (157806)

I will have to check to see if it is available in Canada. It's hard to see from their website how it inverts. Do you just go upside down?


Re: The total gym looks good...

Dorothy on 8/14/04 at 00:27 (157808)

The Total Gym has a kind of 'ladder-like' structure at its back and you can increase the resistance/difficulty of some of the exercises by raising the 'sled' part of it - the part that is like a flat table where you lie down or sit - to higher 'rungs' or levels. The higher it is, the more resistance. It's pretty easy to adjust it up and down. Well, although the product is not an inversion table, it becomes almost one when you place the 'sled' at the highest rung and lie down with your head at the 'foot' (This can't possibly be making any sense!!) with your feet 'up there'. One of the exercises that one can do is for hamstrings and has you put your feet in the kind of 'brace' and then pull up using your legs. That is the inversion position, except you don't have to do that exercise, unless you want to; you can just 'invert.'

Re: Dorothy - that makes perfect sense.

Darlene on 8/14/04 at 11:16 (157840)

Have a nice weekend.