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some sort of cast or support ?

Posted by Lori S. on 8/14/04 at 01:44 (157810)

I have to take my daughter to State Fair. Which means I will be on my feet much more than my feet are going to like or allow. Is there anything I can wear to help with some of the pain I forsee those 5 days?
I am having ESTW the end of September(AND I PRAY IT HELPS). I have PF in both feet. I cant wear any type of orthotics... so far... and I live in my Birks. I havent found any type of lace up shoe that doesnt kill my feet. I am currently taking 750/200 vicoprofens as needed for pain... which means most days I am taking 5/day. Good days maybe only 2 or 3.
Taping seems to help, but then my feet swell..... so I cant tape for long.
Any suggestions.....
thank you in advance. I appreciate the time you doctors take to try and help.......

Re: some sort of cast or support ?

Terri on 8/14/04 at 08:06 (157821)


I'm not a dr but a foot pain sufferer with bilateral TTS. When I know I will be in a situation that entails a lot of walking, I just rent a wheelchair at the event. By staying off my feet, I can get up and down as needed and still manage to find the car in the parking lot at the end of the day. :-)

It's best to call ahead if going to the fair and reserving one as they will go fast. Most times, you do not need to show a dr's excuse and your deposit is refunded when you return the chair. Another option is to buy or rent a wheeled walker that has a seat built into it. Those are a nifty little invention. You can lean on it as you walk and you have a chair that moves along with you. When you want to park it in order to get on a ride, the operators will keep an eye on it for you. And take a fanny pack instead of a purse so you don't have to leave your valuables behind.

If you're having the pain and swelling as much as described, my personal opinion is the best thing you can do for your feet is to stay off of them as much as possible. I think these suggestions will help you to do that.

Re: some sort of cast or support ?

Lori S. on 8/14/04 at 14:42 (157858)

Thank you for your suggestions. I have thought about the wheelchair, but im thinking it would be a good idea. As far as rides go..... LOL.. I wont be going on any, but we always have one evening we take the 4-H'ers to the carnival and that is a time when I really think the wheelchair would be valuable. I really dont think people realize how much your feet affect life, I often feel like the other parents think im being a baby.....We are there for my daughters 4-H Dairy cow show. Last year they only required us to be there for 3 days.. and that was rough. This year its 5 days. My feet have gotten worse since last year, but I have learned to avoid as much standing as is possible in recent months.
I am thankful for this board and the people/doctors who post their suggestions here. When its hard to deal, its nice to have a place to talk to someone.

Best wishes, Lorinda