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no aerobic exercise

Posted by Jill H. on 8/14/04 at 17:45 (157886)

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me. I have had PF for 7 months. Prior to PF I was extremely active, mainly in walking/running. I have been getting Grastson treatments and have seen improvement. However, there seems to be no form of exercise (aerobic) that won't set me back. Just last week I swam twice and today my foot is extremely sore. This is so very frustrating. Any suggetions?

Re: no aerobic exercise

Place on 8/14/04 at 19:06 (157892)

Swimming makes you sore! yikes! you could swim with a pull buoy between your feet and just swim with your arms. I think all major swim companies sell them, I found mine at Zura.com for about 10.00. They also have something similar to biking but with your arms... I think is an ergonomiter, not sure on the name or the spelling =). when I was really in pain I would do my workout video tapes but sitting down. The intervolt with weights were the best.

Re: no aerobic exercise

Cyndi T. on 8/15/04 at 12:06 (157971)

The machine that lets you sit down and peddle with your arms is called the ergometer. They have them in most gyms. It is usually the thing in the corner that no one uses.

Re: no aerobic exercise

Terri on 8/15/04 at 20:01 (158027)

In my gym we call it the UBE (upper body ergometer) and I know why no one likes to use it, but it is surprisingly good for aerobic exercise. I use it to warm up when I do upper body strength training.

Have you tried a recumbent bike?

Re: no aerobic exercise

Marty in SLC on 8/15/04 at 20:23 (158029)

Weight lifting can be done well with no stress on your feet and you can get a good aerobic workout too. One just has to play around a bit to get the right combination of weight and reps. There's tons of exercise that can be done and the good thing about it say like 'leg extensions' your sitting with no weight on your feet at all and your legs stay strong and in shape and that's important for us that suffer from pf because the legs don't get worked much. I would recommend it highly, just stay away from anything where your standing at all. Machines work the best but you can do dumbbell shoulder presses on your knees right be the rack so your not caring them. I have a pretty good gym that I have collected over the years down in the basement workout room. I have a universal machine, dumbbell rack and weight bench but one good machine will do the job.

Good luck,


Re: no aerobic exercise

DavidW on 8/16/04 at 08:40 (158060)


I agree with Marty in SLC. If I can't use my feet, I feel that I must do something for my body or else the fat will just pile on. I purchased a Bowflex and have been using it regularly. It is an expensive piece of equipment, but the workouts make me feel wonderful. I can get a pretty good aerobic workout on it by doing moderately paced sets with very little rest in between. I can even do some rowing without too much pain in my feet (the Bowflex is a pretty good rowing machine as well).

Hope this helps.

Re: no aerobic exercise

Linda V. on 8/16/04 at 13:57 (158114)

..we have a bow flex, and my husband loves it. i lOVED doing jazzercize and other group aerobics, but thats out of the question now. i just checked the web pages at a couple of nearby hospitals. they actually run a 'chair aeroboics' class. i need the discipline of doing things in a group. i make too many excuses NOT to do tapes at home. besides, if i am paying for it, i am more likely to go and get my moneys worth (frugal irish girl, here)....

Re: no aerobic exercise

Rose on 8/16/04 at 18:30 (158163)

I have been doing a water aerobic class 5 days a week now for a year. It is extremely aerobic with no impact on my feet at all. I stay where I cannot touch and literally can now do 30 minutes of class treading water. It is very cardio vascular. I am 60 and have open release surgery and am still in pain.

Re: no aerobic exercise

Rose on 8/16/04 at 18:32 (158165)

I also do a senior aerobic class, skip the first 30 minutes of aerobics and do the last hour of the class wh ich uses weights, bands, and the body for muscle work. Then there is 30 minutes of wonder sitting and on the floor yoga type stretch. So I get a full body workout without standing.

Re: no aerobic exercise

Jill H. on 8/16/04 at 21:04 (158183)

Yes, I have tried exercise bikes and everything has hurt. It seems like these last 7 months is I take one step forward and five back. It sure is frustrating.

Re: no aerobic exercise

Jill H. on 8/16/04 at 21:08 (158184)

Yes I have tried both types of bikes and they hurt. It seems like these last 7 months I have went 1 step forward and 5 steps backwards. It is so frustrating.....