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Posted by Pauline on 8/14/04 at 20:20 (157899)

With Elliott gone, MARK L banned, and Raymond discovered boredom must be setting in.

Re: Boredom

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/14/04 at 23:03 (157922)


Give me some time, I'll come up with something controversial to get you going. I guess the information below was too old. Perhaps Dr. Z can think of something.

The ESWT Board, due to the nature of the subject, has become, in part the healthcare politics board so that is where the controversy winds up.

There is only so much going on in the world of feet and ankles so you may have to peruse some of the political sites and boards if you want excitement. They can be so partisan, that a lot of the stuff is silly candidate bashing instead of intelligent conversation so I can't wait until the election is over so those sites can actually get back to some discussions of substance.

Re: paline

bj on 8/15/04 at 09:06 (157950)

get a life im looking for answers to my pain not to try to cure every body ease you are not a doctor so let doctors do thier job thier hear to help not entertain you if your bored get a job

Re: paline

maria on 8/15/04 at 10:09 (157956)

i agree with bj every time i see someone asking a question thier asking the DOCTOR for advice i wouldent ask a nurse to fix my car so please stop butting in and let the doctors help thies poor people

Re: paline

Julie on 8/15/04 at 10:13 (157958)

thanks maria and bj now maby thies people can get help

Re: For Pauline

Julie on 8/15/04 at 11:50 (157967)

Pauline, I'm sure you realise that the post that begins 'thanks maria and bj' was not made by me.

Scottr, we now have another 'raymond' alias: 'bj'. Have you got enough information to ban this poster?

Re: For Pauline

scott r on 8/15/04 at 11:56 (157969)

julie, please email me directly.

Re: Boredom

Pauline on 8/15/04 at 12:02 (157970)


Give me some time, I'll come up with something controversial to get you going. I guess the information below was too old. Perhaps Dr. Z can think of something'. What a waste of time, but very telling.

Do you realize what your saying? In this one sentence, you not only admit to all of us that you purposely want to start trouble, but you also included Dr. Z as an accomplice.

Abviously too much time on those hands that reportedly do so much volunteer work. My suggestion, more work on something productive instead of things distructive'

Re: For Julie

Pauline on 8/15/04 at 12:19 (157974)

Yes I know. I brought up the subject of people posting as others earlier, but there seemed to be disbelief at that time. Alias's abound not only with the name 'raymond'.

Re: Boredom

Dr. Z on 8/15/04 at 12:29 (157976)

I though he was joking. We all seem to have topics that turn into a debate.

I really don't have alot of time at this point in my life but Heelspurs.com is something that I have a love for.
I do like your idea of new topics that will have meaning and at the same time help change someone life of constant pain. I will work in this area.

Re: Boredom

BLT on 8/15/04 at 22:20 (158041)

Dr Ed You dont need to apologize. That lady is just baiting you. Most patients can see you were just joking or making fun to be light hearted. Thanks for helping here and giving advice. Some others should contrubute or not say anything