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A better topic

Posted by Pauline on 8/14/04 at 20:26 (157900)

How is the presure and demand placed on a persons feet different between regular walking and someone who is race walking? They seem to use an explosive heel toe pattern in their walk.

Re: A better topic

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/14/04 at 23:19 (157926)


Here is a link of interest:

This is one of the more scientific ways of looking at pressure distribution changes with gait and activities.

Heel strike is greater with exercise walking than with 'regular' walking. 'Exercise' walkers and serious walkers should consider use of running shoes as opposed to walking shoes since running shoes attentuate the force of heel strike better. Also we have running shoe categorized as cushioned, stability and motion control so there is more 'matching' of the shoe with foot type when using a running shoe.