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Dr Ed Davis DPM

Posted by Jason Pollizzi on 8/15/04 at 07:10 (157940)

Dr Ed,

Would tenosynovitis/tendonitis be considered an obstruction in the tarsal tunnel if it is pertaining to the flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus tendons? Or is CYSTS ususally the only obstruction of the tunnel? Thank you.

Re: Dr Ed Davis DPM

Ed Davis. DPM on 8/15/04 at 11:18 (157962)

Good question. ANY space occupying lesion can potentially place pressure on the posterior tibial nerve. Tendon swelling tends to be on and off so one would expect symptoms of TTS to wax and wane with the degree of tendon swelling. Tenosynovitis is not, statistically, common as a cause of TTS though.